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Westmeath v Limerick

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Can our hurlers be inspired by the footballers massive second half to put on a big display against one of hurlings powerhouses next Sunday
Hopefully a lot of the support that was in Croke Park will support these boys Sunday because they have made huge strides this year.
We are always knocking ourselves but not many counties can say we are in the last 12 in Both Sam Maguire and Liam Mccarthy

jobber (Westmeath) - Posts: 786 - 30/06/2015 19:56:12    1745680


I agree Jobber. We actually are a successful county these days. Hopefully the hurlers wont be forgotten about. I think we will be better prepared for Limerick than Wexford. Hopefully we will be healthier at least. We will give them a good rattle anyway.
Also hugely disappointing from a hurling perspective to see the best hurler in the county last year (Paul Greville) come on for the footballers in Croker. More of an effort should have been made to get him on board i think.

soreknee (Westmeath) - Posts: 127 - 30/06/2015 21:14:42    1745718


I agree jobber. Hopefully the lads can rise to the occasion but I suppose being realistic if they can keep it to within 10 points be doing well to a team that could have been in all ireland final last year. Price a big loss but at least o brien, greville and power back. Why is this game clashing with Leinster hurling final? Surely a sat eve game would have made more sence.

overdabar (Westmeath) - Posts: 210 - 04/07/2015 14:17:36    1747352


The hurling management did not want Greville.

uisneach (Westmeath) - Posts: 156 - 04/07/2015 20:18:15    1747498


I tried to give my opinion on the Leinster final clashing with Westmeath and Limerick but the censor is in full swing. hopefully we can say that we are disappointed that our County is playing a championship match that if we win will put us in the All Ireland quarter final whilst our provincial finals refereed by two Westmeath men takes place in Croke Park l.

jobber (Westmeath) - Posts: 786 - 05/07/2015 08:17:20    1747569


Is it clashing? Westmeath game at 2pm, Galway v Kilkenny at 4pm.
Our game could have bene played Saturday evening.

I think the county board are more interested in maximising the gate takings.

valley84 (Westmeath) - Posts: 1747 - 05/07/2015 11:28:10    1747631


at start of second half the Limerick corner back player threw the ball up and caught it again down in the corner back position and it should have been a free in to Westmeath, instead it went down the other end and the Limerick player hit the ball low and wide. Except the umpire and referee put it down as a goal.

valley84 (Westmeath) - Posts: 1747 - 05/07/2015 21:55:34    1748044


This was an incredible decision which gave Limerick the little
cushion they needed until the sixty fifth minute.If the referee had his eyes opened Limerick in all probability would have been in big trouble.
Real progress has been made this year.If we can hold on all our key players and add six committed ones we will get a big scalp in 2016.
Shane Power should at least get an all star nomination.Aonghus Clarke,Brendan Murtagh,and Cormac Boyle have had top class years.If we can have an injury free Eoin Price he would make a huge difference.

jobber (Westmeath) - Posts: 786 - 06/07/2015 14:10:20    1748452


Just wondering will the management stay on next year. Ryan comes a long way and relys on the local men too do most of the training. Eddie Casey I don't think he will stay on as he is a very busy man with his businesses and pat Clancy the same and Peter Leahy I believe told the lads Sunday was his last day involved and michael Walsh the hurling coach only came up one day a week and i think found that hard. I hope Johnny Greville takes over as coach next year as he the best coach we could possible have. But it will be a new back room team no matter what next year and I think casey and Leahy will be huge loss to the set up

Paulknows (Westmeath) - Posts: 114 - 07/07/2015 12:22:34    1749135


Will Greville go for the minor manager again, now that a certain bunch of Raharney players are no longer involved?

Also, this week the minors in a few clubs being asked to play two games with an Intermediate game sandwiched in between. So much for player welfare! 3 games in 3 days for some young lads. The senior clubs wouldn't be fixed to play games like that

valley84 (Westmeath) - Posts: 1747 - 07/07/2015 15:52:54    1749346


valley_84: Were plunketts senior not expected to play 2 games in 48hrs last year. I think only clubs which are too weak to stand up to county board will be asked to play numerous games in short space of time

GAA_Analyst (Westmeath) - Posts: 34 - 08/07/2015 10:02:22    1749657