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Replying To jacktheboy:  "A target for Mayo, make League Final and invite Mayo man President of USA Joe Biden to the Final."
And keep him there.

cluichethar (Mayo) - Posts: 403 - 14/03/2023 15:20:22    2463907


Best of luck in League final. Will this year be the year

Jack L (None) - Posts: 2999 - 26/03/2023 21:46:44    2466932


Does McStay pick his strongest team and go all out? I think he should. We saw what happened after last years defeat and never recovered. That said I thought we'd be doing well to stay up this year so it's a nice surprise how comfortable the league has been. That said it's the league….although the fact championship is sooner may mean the league might be a better indicator of the year ahead.

It's hard not to keep one eye on the Rossies 6 days later but what better way to go into that game as league champions. We are underdogs going by the betting and neutrals opinion.

yew_tree (Mayo) - Posts: 11081 - 29/03/2023 17:28:27    2467656


Its been a good league so far for Mayo, I think they have done alot better than what alot of people thought they would. Question being asked if they are looking more at the Roscommon game than this Sunday, I dont think you can be turning it on and off like that and you have to go out to win all games. Be interesting to see if Tommy Conroy plays, from what I heard the knee was swelling up a bit so they were resting him so see if they play him or save him for Roscommon.
Reape has done well in goals, deserves to keep his place now and has a good day with the long range frees, its a great assist to have.
Defence is where Mayo might struggle, new players and new system, they have played well but have been too open at times and Croke Park will really test them and the system. Hession big loss for Sunday but is not too far away from a return. McBrien is best match up for Comer, not sure who for Walsh maybe Durcan but needs a team effort to stop them, stop good ball into them and cover space.

Midfield will prob break even, even though Im not sure how Mayo will do on the long kickouts, Galway have the advantage in the air.

The forwards pick themselves as the line up hasnt really changed in the league, McDonagh, Carney, Flynn, O Donoghue, O Shea, Carr.
The forward unit have been playing very well. Galway will have a problem with who Kelly marks, he can attack off O Shea even though I think O Shea can get the better of him inside, or if Kelly goes on O Donoghue he would keep him quiet enough. The bigger pitch will suit Carr also. For once Mayo have a few forwards that need watching and I dont think Galway have the defenders there to keep all of the forwards quiet.

It will be a good game, think it will be high scoring. More Important for Galway to win it than Mayo.

tommy132 (Mayo) - Posts: 557 - 31/03/2023 16:29:01    2468027