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Replying To WanPintWin:  "Give it a rest Tommy. Brigid's were comfortably the better team yesterday. There certainly weren't 6 or 7 soft scoreable frees given to them. Sure Brigid's scored 7 frees in total. Are you saying all of them were extremely soft? I thought Corofin's tackling was poor and clumsy and well off the intensity they played with in the county final. Brigid's on the other hand put huge pressure on Corofin in possession.
As for the point waved wide, it was immaterial in the end. It should have been given as a score, but made no difference to the result.
The very best of luck to Brigid's in the next stage of their journey."
Thought ref made few bad decisions on both sides. Eddie Nolan got called for to many steps after fetching a brilliant ball at midfield and broke through the middle just one example. Thought Brigid's were far better team. Brian stack was outstanding again and Ben O'Carroll would be a nightmare to mark. It's an extremely young Brigid's team I think the 6 starting forwards are under 23 years of age. I could be wrong.

dave1988 (Roscommon) - Posts: 984 - 04/12/2023 15:55:16    2515495


Replying To tommy k:  "In fairness even though Corofin didn't play anywhere near the standard they can play, I thought the referee gave at least 6 or 7 extremely soft scoreable "frees" to Brigid's and there was at least 1 point for Corofin that was waved wide in the second half that was clearly shown on TV to be between the posts. I don't think Brigid's will be allowed those handy "frees" in the semifinal or final if they make it that far and how Smith won that all-star I will never know!"
Watched the match live with benefit of replays and was no soft frees (whatever that means) They were poor fouls by Corofin players. Corofin good in the county final and they simply weren't allowed to play near that level yesterday. Well done to Brigids who was good value for their 5 point win

Enda Smith won All Star because he was one of the 15 best individual performers in 2023 not that hard to know really.

Gaa_lover (USA) - Posts: 3243 - 04/12/2023 16:03:14    2515497