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Didn't see either semi final but they both teams won well and there hasn't been much between them in the games they played against each other. I'd say TMC will probably win it but it will be close.

No idea what's going on with the all britain, there doesn't seem to be any info about on the london or all britain websites

adama (UK) - Posts: 37 - 18/08/2014 12:07:11    1638280


I believer heal britain starts up again in October. Long season for clubs involved. Plus still all of the league to play.

Cockneyreject (UK) - Posts: 28 - 18/08/2014 12:45:40    1638303


The all britain*

Cockneyreject (UK) - Posts: 28 - 18/08/2014 12:49:54    1638306


Ya all British in Oct and league also... The problem with all the fixtures was that the London Champ was all played off less than 1 month, sounds ridiculous and it kind of was... 6 or 7 champ games in a month is a tall tall order for any club, especially for inter clubs that have all the usual problems with lads gone on hols plus back home for various reasons..
Having said all that the best two teams have made it to the final and there has been proper champ games all summer long which doesn't happen too often!

chanceit (UK) - Posts: 38 - 18/08/2014 15:47:06    1638421


with warwickshire and lancs potentially in the lory meagher next year would it not be an idea for london to join in?

Also would help with the div 3b and boost numbers in that

just some thoughts

UniGaa (National) - Posts: 694 - 20/08/2014 13:20:39    1639311


Ho the Cu's

Job done,

Fair play to the McCurtans who put up two great fights and even came for a few beers on Sunday.


Clarebearstare (Clare) - Posts: 192 - 16/09/2014 14:57:13    1652697


Fully deserved win for Cuchullainns much better team on the day, sad thing for McCurtains was that their game plan to keep the guys quiet from the drawn game worked, but Cu's had other players who stepped up to the plate on Sat. Cuchuallainns will be no pushovers next year if they can keep the core of their team together and get a couple of additions.

Rosineri1 (UK) - Posts: 2013 - 16/09/2014 17:54:18    1652806



First furore into this forum.

I've been living in London for the past year and I've finally decided I want to play hurling this summer. I havent played any competitive hurling in about 5 or 6 years but I've been playing a bit of rugby so I'm well into the swing of things fitness wise etc. I played underage in Roscommon so you could surmise what kind of level I'd be capable of playing.

As I'd be a fairly inexperienced player, I feel that I might be better off playing for a team that fields two sides - say St Gabriels or Kilburn Gaels. I'm based out in chiswick and I know that Fr Murphys are nearby in Acton but if they're a single side no doubt going all out for the intermediate title I don't think I'd get much of a chance to play. I work in the centre of London so getting to all four corners is realistic as I'd travel direct to training after work.

What about Sean Treacys? As they have an intermediate team too I imagine i'd be better catered for there - hoping on the train to Earslfield in the evenings would be no bother either. Lastly, a club called Michael Cusacks? The latter are near me but I can't seem to find any results from 2014 for them. Have they folded?

Thanks in advance to anyone who replies, as I must say that beyond names I know next to nothing about the teams or what they're like.

jamesor2 (Roscommon) - Posts: 9 - 23/02/2015 11:57:59    1695921


Jamessor2 - The clubs that have a second teams can be a bit of a joke and do end up giving a lot of walkovers throughout the year. Their second teams have the bare minimum of players so you might not get a lot of hurling with them.
An intermediate team would be the best option for you I feel. Murphy's would be favourites for the intermediate crown so that would make them very attractive to join, they seem to give everyone a fair crack of the whip and they have a lot of London born lads on their team. Fulham Irish, Granuaille or McCurtains are the other options. Granuaille appear to be struggling and have done for last 3 years. McCurtains are in Essex, that would seem to be too far away for you but they will be strong contenders against Murphy's so they're attractive? Fulham struggled over the last two years but they're close enough to you. Yes, Michael Cusacks have folded, a few of their players are with Murphy's. If you fancied a crack at senior Cuchulainns have just been promoted and would welcome any new players! Hope that helps! Frankly, if you're playing for the fun of it, take work and travel into account, then you're better off joining your closest team. I hope that helps and good luck.

Deadwood (Limerick) - Posts: 55 - 23/02/2015 14:46:37    1695989



Fulham Irish hurlers are based out of Earlsfield. so wouldnt be far from you. Link for the website below.

therubes (Cork) - Posts: 95 - 23/02/2015 17:16:15    1696056


Thanks Deadwood, fair play for the detailed reply, you're certainly giving good advice. I reckon I'll go for an intermediate team so as I mightn't find it as daunting after all those years away from playing. Fr Murphy's didn't accept my facebook request for some reason so they mustn't be mad for players...

jamesor2 (Roscommon) - Posts: 9 - 24/02/2015 12:44:12    1696281


Shud be a contact for Jim howlin on there notes sumwhere James.Murphys r sound. Grew up watching them an played for them b4 I moved back to Wexford......

edshamrocks (Wexford) - Posts: 338 - 24/02/2015 16:29:24    1696393


JamesSor2 - Apologies for the friend request on Facebook. I'm not sure what happened but it was an honest mistake if your friend request was deleted.

Please re-add us or contact us by email on [url=]link[email protected] . You are very welcome to join us, we are hoping to give the intermediate championship a good go this year!
We have a players meeting on Friday evening in the Shamrock Club, 307a Horn Lane, W3 0BP (Entrance is alleyway beside Gowing and Pursey skip hire). You're very welcome to come along and meet the lads. Sorry again.

frmurphy (UK) - Posts: 41 - 24/02/2015 16:50:43    1696404


* [email protected]

frmurphy (UK) - Posts: 41 - 24/02/2015 17:15:26    1696415