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Plans are on the wall in Ruislip also.

WideBall1 (UK) - Posts: 98 - 24/07/2013 12:26:07    1440938


does anyone know who the architects are for this project? have the details been made public?

Hills (Donegal) - Posts: 70 - 24/07/2013 12:40:38    1440951


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Mulvey & Dunleavy were Londons best 2 players. Magee & O'Neill held their own in the full-forward. Kelly needs to do a little less showboating, if he wants a start. Will be interesting to see if Cavan keep their blanket defence on Saturday?

Sorry mate but bit confused about the point above, what showboating did kelly do? when he came on at least he gave it his all unlike some of the players out there. if you are talking about the time he flicked the ball up to his head i dont think you can say that was showboating the ball was dead and the ref was chatting to a lad. if you are talking about some other time please expand.

Cityball (UK) - Posts: 22 - 24/07/2013 12:46:45    1440963


I've been championing Kelly to start since the Sligo game, he has done extremely well when he came on, sadly he didn't have the same impact last Sunday. The fact it was against Mayo in Castlebar I think may have been a cause of this, think he was a bit over keen to get a couple of points.

Rosineri1 (UK) - Posts: 2013 - 24/07/2013 13:08:32    1441000


Sorry cityball - which players do you believe didn't give it their all on Sunday ??

Like yourself & Rosineri, I'm a big fan of Kelly - but dribbling the ball on your head, like a seal, when you're 16 points down is not the done thing, waiting on a whistle or not. Also attempts from outside off the boot from silly angles, with team mates in better positions, don't help the cause.
As Rosineiri said he was probably a bit too eager to impress, which is understandable and with his range of passing I'd start the lad against a team like Cavan.

Lazarus1 (Galway) - Posts: 173 - 24/07/2013 13:46:27    1441076


I disagree guys Kelly was in a position to score himself at least once if not twice but passed to a team mate in the hope it would lead to a goal, if he was out to prove a point to Mayo then surely he would of had a pop himself. If we are going down this road each of the forwards are guilty of shooting or taking the wrong option when a team mate was on.

What is wrong with flicking the ball up to his head when he was waiting to take a free why is it not the done thing 16 points down or not (i think you will find it was less that 16 points at that stage but still unwinable), did he or did he not score from that free? I would be the first to say it was not acceptable if he lost the ball doing it or if he was at some showboating that lead to a score to Mayo but this did not happen.

I think Kelly is one of the best forwards London have and would start him on Saturday but I dont pick the team.

I dont know the guy personally but just think it is wrong to single him out for criticism when he scored the winning point against sligo, scored 1-1 against leitrim the first day and had a big impact on the game the second day.

Cityball (UK) - Posts: 22 - 24/07/2013 17:19:05    1441407