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If as it is looking Kevin Walsh is staying freshness needs to be brought to our team. I know we are up in division one and playing the big boys but if we are going to impact on the championship it has to happen. We have to adapt a more adventurous game plan and commit to it. In my opinion outside of Dublin we have some of the most naturally gifted forwards in Ireland but our game plan is holding us back. As supporters we must stick by this promising group of players and show some positivity.
Silke Sean-Andy Kyne
McDaid O'Donnell Heaney/K.Molloy
Daly Walsh Conroy
Burke Comer Armstrong
I know many will say that this is far to attacking but what is the point in going out playing defensively and losing anyway. Obviously it's not the perfect team either and I'm probably forgetting a few but it is a basis to work with.
The goalkeeping situation was an embarrassment for the management last year. When things were going well in the league a young keeper like Lavelle was being said by Walsh to be the keeper for 10 years. His kickouts are far superior to Power and his shot stopping is just as good. On the ball he is also better. However, coming into the Mayo match we changed our kick out strategy to go short. It clearly didn't suit our outfield players especially Flynn and O'Curraoin who are obviously on the team for their fetching and not their mobility. However, we persisted with it for the Roscommon game and it was a disaster. Lavelle then seemed to be made a scapegoat and was dropped for the Donegal game but we then changed the tactics back to what was working in the league and Power gets all the credit. How can this be seen as good management of a young player? The management after all the training sessions between November and June last year obviously decided that Lavelle was the number one and then don't back him after a bad performance? I thought it just highlighted some of the weaknesses of this management team.
I also feel as good as both O'Donnell and Bradshaw are individually we can't facilitate both of them in a modern half-back line. If McDaid doesn't get the opportunity in Australia he needs to be brought in as one wingback. With the pace of the game we can't persist with both Flynn and O'Curraoin. Cooke needs to be believed in and Conroy can drop out to support him and Flynn as a third midfielder. That leaves space for Walsh and Daly on the 40 who are both strong runners with the ball and good foot passers. I no its not in vogue at the moment but a 3 man full forward line with Ian Burke, Comer and Armstrong/Meehan would test any defensive system if quick direct ball is played into them. This leaves a seriously strong bench. Cummins, Farragher, McHugh, Brannigan, Bradshaw, Sweeney, Molloy etc.

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