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Replying To fainleog:  "Peter Casey will not have to work hard to get his place back next year as in all probability he will have his place back for
the final. He put in an increadible display when called upon yesterday. His impact was enormous. With regard to Richie
English, how could you expect Richie English to perform in All-Ireland final and not having played a game in almost twelve
months, get real."
That was Mike Casey he was referring to

Mads (Limerick) - Posts: 206 - 30/11/2020 18:12:59    2317066


There were a few interesting points made here regarding Kyle Hayes. The way the lad is playing out of his skin it looks like he could play anywhere at this moment.
I would venture that he could be potentially used as both a half forward and half back the next day out.
In 2018 we had an exceptional bench. I'm not saying now that the lads off the bench aren't contributing but in 2018 against Cork, Dowling, Casey, Ryan, Nash all came off the bench and offered a new lease of life. For me while the lads are doing their bit the impact certainly isn't as high which of course is a tall order. Obviously we're missing Dowling who is colossal but also Nash has to cover the backline so I don't think the options are as plentiful. Reidy gets on a lot of ball which is needed but isn't showing to be a good finisher in championship heat. I'd prefer if he laid off ball and set up a score at this stage.

Going back to Hayes. Right now it would be difficult not to start him at wing back but down the stretch while bringing on Casey/Mulcahy, shoving English on and pushing Hayes up top offers another serious attack option up front. Just like knowing Casey will deliver off the bench sometimes a positional switch might work just as well.
Sincerely hope Gillane will be able to play next day out

Mads (Limerick) - Posts: 206 - 30/11/2020 21:12:08    2317155