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Ah lads you're making me feel bad now, but in fairness i wasn't the first and won't be the last to rate/slate someone on here.


EGB are not all young lads and they do still have a few old heads. That John Coyne fella must be the oldest senior player in Warwickshire! Mid 40's is he?


Winker ;-)

winker (Down) - Posts: 46 - 16/05/2013 13:52:19    1385117


From where I was watching he wasn't playing winker nore were most the Egb older heads such as macca McGrory Harrigan Their Irish full back and their midfielder who started against us last week so the score may flatter your team winker but come championship your side won't change and other teams will be stronger #upthemacs

upthemacs (Kerry) - Posts: 60 - 16/05/2013 14:52:50    1385164


True Kelly is a young lad coming through but will benefit from experience from marking someone of that quality. Maybe they should have put the older Harrigan brother on Garvey, he has better pace and experience than Kelly. It will be interesting to watch Dooley mark Garvey as he has been the most consistent man marker in Warwickshire for years.

macsfor0 (UK) - Posts: 33 - 16/05/2013 18:30:40    1385344


Is the rumor mill correct that a team is to be disqualified from the Senior League for fielding an illegal player.....

Sidlineman (UK) - Posts: 64 - 17/05/2013 16:50:43    1385821


Which team is this alleged about, sidelineman? If it were true what would be the punishment, presume if a team is disqualified from the league it would mean that they would be relegated as well as they would have to forfeit all their games.

johnnyroastbeef (UK) - Posts: 215 - 17/05/2013 17:17:32    1385857


You don't get thrown out of competitions for playing illegal players in this county! Which club sidlineman?

Lethal (Derry) - Posts: 281 - 17/05/2013 20:34:36    1385979


I wouldn't take to much notice of Sidelineman, seems to be on his usual wind up carry on, waiting for reactions,lads.

mayoallstar (Mayo) - Posts: 258 - 17/05/2013 21:48:18    1386026


Today goes to show what a poorly run club John Mitchells is. St . Barnabas travel down from
Nottingham, wait 1 hour until the ref calls time and gives the away side the walkover.

ttotal (UK) - Posts: 31 - 19/05/2013 15:12:10    1386560


Were the Ryanair pilots on strike today?

mclhatton (Derry) - Posts: 15 - 19/05/2013 16:47:25    1386613


Mitchels were out for a 4pm game, which is the time they were given. Barnabas well aware of this too, so don't be coming on with your "poorly run" crap, a mix-up at worst. Would have been nice to get a game today in the sunshine, shame Barnabas ran away but I suppose they think crying foul is their best way to get points against us.

an_carraig (UK) - Posts: 55 - 19/05/2013 17:50:14    1386683


Mitchell's need to learn to read a 24 hour clock.

TakeTheHit (UK) - Posts: 98 - 19/05/2013 18:20:27    1386718


An carraig are you actually serious... county board meeting monday mitchels asked for game to be changed this was confirmed and sent to both clubs and referee on thursday via email...its bad when both referee and us can turn up have use no internet or maybe was this too short of notice for your travelling players... p.s why would we be running scared of mitchels you have won nothing apart from a few league games in us a favour an sort your joke of a set up out..

magic_johnson (Cork) - Posts: 181 - 19/05/2013 18:23:07    1386723


Be interesting to hear SIdelinemans view on this JM & Barnabus carry on!!!

mayoallstar (Mayo) - Posts: 258 - 19/05/2013 18:44:34    1386742


This is the third time in recent years that John Mitchells have failed to field against st Barnabas. Why are they unable to inform their opponent of fielding difficulties?

What would the late great john mitchell make of it all?


intheno (UK) - Posts: 207 - 19/05/2013 21:03:18    1386858


Sounds like there was great fun in PNE then, what was the craic with the throw in time for Mitchells / Barnabus and it being moved?

Seems a shame 2 of the better teams in the county dont get to play each other as would have been a good game , another game decided in the County Board room and not the pitch!

Facile win for Macs again , best game of the weekend seems to be in Northampton with a suprise draw for them against Casements, were sons that good or Casements missing lads seeing as they were being tipped on here for the champ i presume its the latter!
Leicester look like they are struggling now not coming to EGB, 2 walkovers at Senior this weekend and with a bank holiday next weekend can imagine this weekend will be the same.

onlymessing (UK) - Posts: 62 - 20/05/2013 08:36:52    1386947


What actually happened yesterday then? I checked the Warwickshire site before coming on to HS and saw a walkover awarded to St B. I was hoping this forum would spell out why but I can't suss it out. Can anyone clarify the details at all? I gather there was some issue with the throw in time but I can't make sense of it from the stuff on here.

The_Panacea (UK) - Posts: 67 - 20/05/2013 09:08:19    1386965


The game was originally fixed for a 4pm throw in. JM requested an earlier throw in of 2pm. This was confirmed at a county board meeting last week. Both club secretaries were informed as well as the referee. St.B arrived for a 2pm throw in. No sign of JM and the ref signed the game off.

JM need to take a serious look at their club set up if this is the way they want to behave. The scenario has left the league title wide open again and should make for an interesting last round of games.

ttotal (UK) - Posts: 31 - 20/05/2013 09:48:59    1386986


Shame the game was given to Barnabus, id guess both teams would have preferred to play though. A lot of people on here slating Mitchells for this incident- I understand they had a team ready to play at 4pm, in which case it sounds like it was a genuine mistake.

Advantage Mcdermotts for the league i guess!!

TonyMontana (Kerry) - Posts: 75 - 20/05/2013 10:08:04    1387001


Hang your head in shame Mitchells, Disgraceful!

Good to see Marys still fielding even though they probably knew they were going to lose by a big score. Again, good to see Sons give Casements a good game, hopefully will push on now and secure their spot in senior. Let's not talk about Leicester, aye lads.

Seen as there wasn't much action in the senior games this weekend with only two games going ahead, any reports from the reserve games? Not surprising to see Mitchells win see as they have such a large squad. Thought Leicester would have gave McDermotts a tighter game at reserve. Also no surprise to see Barnabas pick up a win at home against EGB, I heard they had a very young team out.

TakeTheHit (UK) - Posts: 98 - 20/05/2013 10:30:24    1387024


What a sorry state of affairs.
Looks like a long drawn out appeal for the second year on the bounce.

Is it a coincidence this so called communication error happens when Mitchels are missing so many lads?
Heard they lost 5 men to injury against EGB.

Rather obvious one here!

countyw (UK) - Posts: 30 - 20/05/2013 10:56:34    1387051