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Exactly, hopefully we can get the two points this weekend ,
The game is in Clones too which hopefully will suit us, what do the rest of you's think ?
Also who got man of the match ? Kelly , Malone ? , Wylie ?

MonaghanGlory (Monaghan) - Posts: 703 - 09/03/2015 20:11:34    1701073


Man of the Match either Kieran or Darren Hughes.

shaggylegend (Monaghan) - Posts: 1854 - 09/03/2015 20:35:46    1701084


Karl O'Connell had to be in the running for motm. Ran his socks off and took Donegal on from his own half time and again. Drew Wylie had an excellent game also. Malone is just always excellent. And that is without even mentioning the hughes boys!

Tim_NicebutDim (Monaghan) - Posts: 330 - 09/03/2015 21:02:39    1701101


Have to say I've always been impressed with Karl O'Connell and in my view should be a regular starter. He has unreal pace which is needed for breaking from turnovers.

supermon (Monaghan) - Posts: 1071 - 10/03/2015 09:06:15    1701125


Karl O'Connell scared the life of Donegal when he ran up the wing.. they had no one to keep up with him..

Farney (Monaghan) - Posts: 742 - 10/03/2015 10:30:04    1701152


I don't know if I'd agree with O'Connell being a starter. He has great pace which is a great asset but we've a lot of great options in defence these days, and in terms of footballing ability I wouldn't say O'Connell is in the running for starting a championship game for example. A nice option to have though

patk (Monaghan) - Posts: 875 - 10/03/2015 12:57:53    1701242


Massive game on Sunday,Derry have to wn or they will be relegated so i expect a championship performance from them.

Hopefully we will get the same from our boys specially Conor McManus as he is the key to a win on Sunday,he hasnt really got going yet but i think he will come good and kick us over the line.

The fact that we are back in Clones will give everyone a boost,the team really come alive there,so hopefully a big support turn out as we head into the business end of the league............and if your like me, you have one eye on the May 24th date in Breffni Park were everything will be at stake. it is important that we have all injuries cleared up by then as we have a serious chance of having a long summer again.

hardcore (Monaghan) - Posts: 1366 - 10/03/2015 13:43:37    1701276


Hopefully it will be an improved preformance. Couldnt get much worse

DoireCityFC (Derry) - Posts: 1580 - 11/03/2015 13:03:22    1701698


I see Kieran Hughes thinks that Monaghan's discipline was okay in last week match against Mayo! That is a worry that a player does not realise that their discipline was terrible.. Each of the 2 red cards were warranted and both Hughes's were lucky to stay on the pitch. Lashing out and reacting only makes Monaghan weaker. Reading Mike Ross's article in the Independent today, he says that every action is based on percentages of getting an advantage, in the scrum he does not react when his opponent cheats as if he reacts and cheats also then there is a bigger chance that the referee will catch him and punish Ireland. So he keeps doing his job as he should do and that is an example on why Ireland is so strong at the moment. Kieran Hughes is not a professional player, but he should look to professionals on how to win.

Farney (Monaghan) - Posts: 742 - 11/03/2015 15:09:15    1701748


Re K Hughes: I totally agree Farney. I read the article in the Irish News yesterday and was taken aback by the fact he thought the discipline in Mayo was OK and that it was somehow the medias fault..! Sometimes it's best to say nothing, and it doesn't take a professional sportsperson to arrive at that decision. The media love this kind of points scoring and Hughes could be reminded of it by them before the season is out.

GranMasterFlash (Monaghan) - Posts: 109 - 11/03/2015 16:34:09    1701786


In fairness to Hughes, the referee was woeful and some of the decisions were just inexplicable. It was the kind of game where the referee didn't stamp his authority and he had a part to play in letting it get out of hand, and for that reason I see where Hughes is coming from. Blowing up instead of playing advantage was another issue, and their first goal was a clear push in the back from them. Funny nobody in the crowd saw it but the ref and linesmen saw what Gollogly did and the 6000 fans saw the clear push on our player before their goal, but no action taken by officials.

Now in saying that, I agree with you Farney, our discipline was terrible. I like that Mike Ross quote. Discipline is a controllable. The ref isn't.

supermon (Monaghan) - Posts: 1071 - 11/03/2015 18:30:09    1701834


Regarding Kieran Hughes I don't think the discipline was good but, the sending off especially wylie's was down to pure frustration at the display of the referee. Mayo from word go stop monaghan taking quick frees and dropping knees when surrounding the player on the ground. Monaghan are having a serious raw deal with referees so far in the league, in the first match Tyrone got a good few soft frees by padraig Hughes the same as last Sunday in letterkenny this gave both teams a massive boast. Fergal Kelly had one set of rules for monaghan and a different one for cork in regards to frees and black cards. Rory Hickey was poor against Mayo. Then Hughes again black carded McManus yet let Colm McFadden away with a clear pull down in the second half. We have got raw deals hopefully it changes on sunday

shaggylegend (Monaghan) - Posts: 1854 - 11/03/2015 20:43:02    1701869


The discipline was definitely not good and it's something that happens fairly regularly with Monaghan. Hopefully the refereeing decisions will balance out this year. Regarding strange decisions last weekend, why did Donegal get a foul blown against them in the first half for our third point? the Donegal player was coming out of defence carrying the ball and we got a free in front of the posts?

Farney (Monaghan) - Posts: 742 - 11/03/2015 21:26:13    1701884


A Donegal player took a monaghan out with a third man tackle which is a black card but guess not when its against monaghan.

shaggylegend (Monaghan) - Posts: 1854 - 11/03/2015 21:55:18    1701898


K Hughes gripe was that the media disrespected them i.e. he felt that the game was reported inaccurately/unfairly; nothing to do with the performance of the referee.

GranMasterFlash (Monaghan) - Posts: 109 - 12/03/2015 09:02:05    1701911


GranMasterFlash; I agree with ur comments, on the way home from castlebar I was listening to radio 1 and dessie Dolan was talk about the game and Monaghan's indiscipline and the way we always playing on the edge, he wasn't even at the game or seen it so how could he of had that opinion.trial by media.

hutto (Monaghan) - Posts: 171 - 12/03/2015 12:52:38    1702009


It's a mixture of having a gripe at the media in particular but he does make reference to the referee as well. Tomas o se said Monaghan where the most physical team in the country its a myth and sometimes the media plays a massive factor in a referee's performance

shaggylegend (Monaghan) - Posts: 1854 - 12/03/2015 17:40:35    1702096


Hutto, yes I heard that same interview on Radio 1 coming home from Castlebar.
When I then got into the car in Letterkenny last Sunday after the match, RTE was reporting on the game and they were on about the negative defensive system and Monaghan "parking the bus" tactics.
Difficult to earn much praise from the media at the moment!
I think we all agree our discipline let us down against Mayo but it was much improved last Sunday.
While probably none of us want to see ultra defensive tactics, it's all about getting results at the moment.
I agree with the comments from other posters about Kieran Hughes, his comments probably weren't the wisest.
I hope Kieran can also cut out the petulant side from his game, as he is playing really super stuff at the moment.

Monagael (Monaghan) - Posts: 99 - 12/03/2015 17:44:34    1702098


I don't think Kieran should have said what he said but at the same time I can totally understand his annoyance. I get very frustrated and fed up of the media and indeed posters on the national forum the way they go on about Monaghan. Yes Monaghan's discipline was poor at times in the Mayo match but so was theirs and while all the headlines read "Mayo beat indisciplined Monaghan" what they should have read was "Indisciplined Mayo beat indisciplined Monaghan".

And then last week as another poster mentioned turning on the radio after the Donegal match and it was all about Monaghan parking the bus and all this negative talk. Yes the match was poor last Sunday but it wasn't just a game plan that dictated the style of play, there was a ferocious wind blowing the whole game that made it near impossible to kick the ball with any accuracy. And now because of that one game Monaghan will be tarred with the negative, defensive, boring brush. No matter how good the match against Cork was or how good any forthcoming matches might be, we will still be judged on last week's match and we will be reminded of our indiscipline time and again

turkeyplucker (UK) - Posts: 137 - 12/03/2015 18:11:17    1702108


Who cares lads its results that matter time to park the bus on this one

prideof85 (Monaghan) - Posts: 763 - 12/03/2015 18:45:35    1702118