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As a long time player and long suffering Antrim fan I think I speak for many when I say that most of us have had enough. Saturday's pathetic result was another vindication of how low the county has fallen. The hurlers are now a lower tier 2nd rate team who even struggle against the teams at the top of the 2nd tier; the footballers have been relegated two seasons in succession and are in freefall and it's now time to call a spade a spade. The Antrim County Board and ALL it's offshoot so called development and coaching committees are going from failure to failure and it's time they resigned en masse if they have the county's interests at heart. They have presided over the collapse of the Antrim county teams, let the fans down badly and made us a total laughing stock; THEY SHOULD GO NOW!

Ulsterman (Antrim) - Posts: 9294 - 19/05/2013 20:55:17    1386850


Completely agree county antrim board has gone beyond a joke only interested in themselves and their egos in contrast with the betterment of the county. Between not fulfilling their funding commitment to dunsilly in which st.comgalls have provided significantly more, to railroading a Eire og out of woodlands and to leaving the county minor hurlers managerless this late in the season. Enoughs enough

spy_in_the_sky (Antrim) - Posts: 273 - 20/05/2013 12:02:25    1387130


Do one good thing for us and RESIGN!

Topa_the_left (Antrim) - Posts: 250 - 20/05/2013 13:21:08    1387236


And for such an inept group of people the arrogance and obnoxiousness they spout has to be heard to be believed. For example try asking a perfectly reasonable question on the joke of a county message board and the ignorance of the moderator replies are a disgrace. If only they would put half the effort into their county roles as they do in belittling people while hiding behind a keyboard we'd be in a better place.

2taltohill.2000 (Antrim) - Posts: 104 - 20/05/2013 13:29:37    1387250


If you think the county's bad now wait for the next installment of mediocrity ,new chairman coming soon just in time for Casement to be taken over by the Ulster council,now there's a bunch of cowboys who will without doubt walk over every club in this county ,but the sad fact is we do not have anyone strong enough to push the county on.
This county needs a new strategy a new way of thinking to me the most successful development of any sport in this province is Ulster rugby,where they groom the better players by having a few main clubs where the cream of the sport move to where the best coaches are brought in to develop the skills they have ,I am sure the smaller clubs in rugby were up in arms when they heard those proposals but look at the effect it has had on the sport throughout Ireland .The massive crowds at matches because they are playing the best in Europe the money it has generated the support mechanism for the players who are generally professional now and looked after by professionals who like the rest of us have to show results to keep there job.
Could it work Antrim why not two north Antrim and two south Antrim teams taking the cream playing against each other constantly giving you a county panel of eighty +players developing and fine tuning their skills ,get a bit of success and you would see the crowds we had in Croke park in the all Ireland final ,you,ll have sponsors lining up to get a piece of the action and most of all kids will have hero's to look up and emulate .Pie in the sky maybe but does anybody have anything else to offer ,leave it and we will always be the laughing stock of Ulster and Ireland one of the biggest counties with no support or money .

rman (Antrim) - Posts: 102 - 20/05/2013 14:51:11    1387379


while i cant comment on your county board where is the stats to suggest Antrim are or have been a top tier championship team,i think you are certainly better than most 2nd tier teams but have never been good enough to be a top tier team

ianog (Down) - Posts: 414 - 20/05/2013 18:51:51    1387678


have already made my feelings clear about these people in the other column. could scream and shout but what good would it do, they are only on the board to line their pockets, there are plenty of good people within antrim that could change the fortunes of both codes. happy enough with the hurling management team, just get the heart back into the shirt.

exref (Antrim) - Posts: 59 - 20/05/2013 21:26:33    1387886


Sadly we are county that specializes in mediocrity. We have a very average hurling team, a poor enough football team and it is all over seen by a very poor county board. But the Board has not just got to be this bad, it has not been good for years. Or better terminology would be election after election. So I would have little confidence that if this Board were to step down that we would have any better in the county to take their place.

galled (Antrim) - Posts: 251 - 21/05/2013 21:33:28    1388645


Couldn't agree more galled, and the latest offering of our minors in their predictable elimination from the championship underlines the absolute lack of pride in a county which is more than happy to accept mediocrity year in and year out. We are a county without hope and the debacle surrounding the 'anniversary mass affair' and the predictable absence of players from a squad which certainly cannot afford to shed those talented individuals almost certainly ensures first round defeat and little hope on the qualifying trail.
Perhaps the county board is not wholly to blame but they do continue to preside over a shattered system in which the pampering of egos is of utmost importance and indeed have produced a development system which undoubtedly is not even coming close to requirements. Indeed we do not even have a 'development officer' in place on the board..........does such not hint at a distinct lack of ambition within?
It is a fact that some emplaced within the upper echelons in the dark corridors within Casement are focused just on hurling, and hurling matters with a complete disregard for football, but those individuals are residing in fantasy land if they still believe that we are a force to be reckoned with and Liam Mc Carthy may well be a visitor in the near future are seriously deluded. We trail well off the pace of the chasing pack and in arrears of those giants like Laois, Dublin, Carlow, and even Kerry would cause us problems..........Digression is the theme in hurling matters as well.
The only consolation for those beleaguered followers of the Saffron is that things cannot get much worse...........or can they?

Ramblingman (Antrim) - Posts: 67 - 02/06/2013 10:10:07    1396788


Why are you blaming the current County Board? It's not as if Antrim have ever been successfull. One All Ireland win in 125 years at u21 football is a poor return for a County the size of Antrim. You haven't won the USFC since 1951 despite great club success!!

The County Board is the Clubs and the clubs are their members. There no point blaming a few office holders for your problems. You all need to take a long hard look at yourselves and ask what you are doing to improve gaelic games in Antrim.

Frank Mitchell (Down) - Posts: 1075 - 06/06/2013 09:20:55    1399934


This is the first time that i have posted a comment on any gaa site but i feel that we in Antrim are at an all time low. i feel the county is leaderless and looking to our future
i dont see a l;ight at the end of the tunnel unless we get some new leaders with vision and commitment and most of all experence from their club commetments snd BELIEF
So it will be up to all the clubs and members to start to find these people before the next convention our god help us


cornjon (Antrim) - Posts: 1 - 26/07/2013 13:11:31    1443065


For the first time ever I haven't gone to ANY Antrim League or Championship games this season in either code. We are going nowhere fast in both and I was fed up handing over cash when nothing is going to change. When I look at the position our hurlers were in 20 years ago and how far back we have gone I get angry and I am not prepared to waste energy or cash anymore. There are too many egos, jealousies and petty people who don't have the interest of the county at heart.

Ulsterman (Antrim) - Posts: 9294 - 28/07/2013 20:08:35    1445351


I don't believe there is a quick fix to Antrim's problems. I don't believe we have anyone in Antrim GAA with the strategy or leadership credentials to set the county on the path to recovery. I believe we need to look at the county as a business, and those on the county board should be the business men or women who manage the business side of things thus letting those with sporting talent and ability to focus on their talent, knowing that the support and resources they require will be there.

galled (Antrim) - Posts: 251 - 29/07/2013 09:35:38    1445651


Ulsterman, I totally agree. Spent my money at the weekend going to Thurles, no way am I wasting my time and money on the product Antrim offer. Could we not pay someone full time to sort this out? Someone like Davy Fitzgerald, a real passionate person who has been there and done it. Maybe Sean O Hailpin? Someone who would be prepared to live up here for 10 - 15 years and try to show us the way to success?

altview (Antrim) - Posts: 114 - 29/07/2013 11:40:31    1445905