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Warwickshire 2015

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Its the same as last year. The Egb players can play championship for who they like and play shield with Egb.

macs4eva (UK) - Posts: 107 - 03/02/2016 20:33:27    1822055


Were any EGB players playing for RC at weekend. Can EGB lads who played for JM switch to Barnabas when they play RC. "Have boots will travel".

daskip89 (Galway) - Posts: 234 - 04/02/2016 08:29:54    1822091


How are the shire set for the weekend versus Fingal?

daskip89 (Galway) - Posts: 234 - 11/02/2016 17:08:26    1824755


daskip89 i thought you might have inside information on the chances this weekend. I hope other clubs are well represented in the starting 15 as they should be, but however I feel the Mitchel takeover few weeks past could be unhealthy.

carpenter (Wicklow) - Posts: 100 - 12/02/2016 09:02:20    1824846


I'm very much on the outside when it comes to Warwickshire issues. I can only presume team will be a JM selection with a dotting of 3/4 RC and StB lads. I dunno what to class the EGB lads in all of this.

daskip89 (Galway) - Posts: 234 - 12/02/2016 10:05:11    1824860


Warwickshire should have left Paddy Hoey in charge looking at today's result. 21 point hammering.
So much for the new management structure, I don't think Hoey ever suffered a beating like that while he was in charge, anyway the players know best

mayoallstar (Mayo) - Posts: 256 - 14/02/2016 20:15:28    1825340


Like all sides i think they should be judged on championship. Warwickshire have never played anyone of Fingals level before. If they can improve on probaly the lowest point in Warwickshires hurling history when losing to Leitrim at home in last years championship then it might be the right decision. If not you have a point Mayoallstar

macs4eva (UK) - Posts: 107 - 15/02/2016 12:37:20    1825463


What is the 'new management structure'?

ukgaa (UK) - Posts: 51 - 15/02/2016 14:00:37    1825513