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And i mean if the Department of Education approach it in a different way from Junior Infants.

TheFlaker (Mayo) - Posts: 7756 - 20/02/2024 20:15:58    2527272


Replying To Breffni40:  "Landlords"
Landlord income is earned.

Not all rent paid is earned. Is that what you're getting at?

cavanman47 (Cavan) - Posts: 4896 - 20/02/2024 22:04:06    2527288


Replying To Doylerwex:  "I can hold my own with anyone on history.

The point is you can have socialist policies within a free market system.

Economic and social policies are completely independent of eachother and that's where it differs from communism.

James Larkin and Connolly are founding fathers of our labour party. They were socialists.

Social democrats founded by Roisin shorthall and Catherine Murphy. Socialists.

All Nordic countries are socialist in the free market system. Not Communist.

An argument can be made for France.

We're basically falling out over the difference between collective ownership and state ownership.

You can have a socialist taxation policy without taking private land.

Definitions and ideologies evolve over time."
Labels Doyler thats all they are and everyone gets sucked in by the media into simplifying what is happening in the world through the use of labels. If the US is at odds with another country the government line is always about them being communist. If the US gets slightly annoyed with some country the media start referring to the country as a socialist knowing that in a lot of peoples mind there is little difference between that and communism. The manipulation of the masses through the media by the use of labels has being going on for years. At the end of day countries have to decide for themselves what balance they want or well at least the countries where people get a choice.

zinny (Wexford) - Posts: 1766 - 21/02/2024 02:29:34    2527303


Replying To cavanman47:  "I think you've hit the nail on the head there in terms of how Ireland's 'socialist' political parties lean.

The earned wealth in this country is more directly distributed to those who don't earn than in any other country in the western world. (i.e. we have high social welfare and under-investment in services as a result)."
There's a huge gap in this country between the richest 3% and the rest of the population. By GDP per capita we are the 3rd richest country in the world. But at the same time our average industrial wage is 550 euro. Pitifully small compared to most Northern European countries. We have more universal, as in not means tested, social welfare payments such as children's allowance also. The can't work won't work brigade need educated, but also the opportunity to earn a decent wage to incentivise them to work. Why work your ass off for 400 odd euro a week when that won't even pay the rent on a grotty hole for you and your family to live in?

Viking66 (Wexford) - Posts: 11112 - 21/02/2024 07:50:11    2527309