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LJMU v Hope

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i was at a university game between ljmu and hope on saturday at greenbank in liverpool. talking about credit to the gaa.if my understanding is correct it was only a league encounter but the passion and determination of both teams has to be applouded. the roar both teams give every score either in the net or overe the bar went in. some fantastic players the big lad in full forward for hope. and both captains for hope and ljmu extremeley could see how much they both wanted it. an extremeley intense match with the scoreline finishing 2.10 0.16 a draw. they play eachother in the league final the weekend of the 7th of december.i would recommend anybody who follows gaa about that area to attend. #excitment

gallbags (Antrim) - Posts: 53 - 25/11/2013 16:51:21    1517654