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London County Board Convention

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Anybody go to the county board convention last night - Anything much to report ??

WideBall1 (UK) - Posts: 98 - 18/12/2012 14:39:06    1311745


very quiet affair, all the outgoing officers got relected.

no bye laws were proposed for change.

bit of chat from the oul lads who only plugged their hearing aids in halfway and got the wrong end of the stick.

they talked a bit about moving the all ireland quarter final into the connacht stage, so that the london senior winenrs would play the county winners, to get them a few more games, that was cried off because of the money it might cost if 'they won a game' because they'd have to play another one.

some lad suggested they go like the hurlers and move down to intermediate club,

another lad said that would affect the london senior team as they might get degraded...maybe he thought we are gettign closer to clinching sam maguire.

once again the line between reality and the allocation off all ireland tickets misted over managements eyes and they forgot that we are actually an off-shore unit and maybe doing what is best for the individual clubs, and club players would be better than the current system which is based around eulogising the blow-ins and the lads that cant make their county team back home so come to london to get a game then transfer home afterward.

they also confirmed that sport england had turned down their request for 130k of funding and that the result of that would mean that the GDA's money would have to be sourced from clubs, so expect another hike soon in gate moeny/afiliation/county board draw fees.

saying that the gda's are a real boon for london, just look how many teams have underage, and look at which clubs benefit...

The Cat (UK) - Posts: 403 - 19/12/2012 14:27:38    1312096


Not really sure if you were at the right Convention there, there was no mention of an application to Sport England for funding as none had been made due to the fact the GAA in Britain is not recognised as having a National Governing Body.

GDA's are funded through Dion and Croke Park again must have been a different meeting you attend because fee's charged to clubs weren't discussed in any way apart from a motion from Fulham Irish. It wasn't deemed to be a motion rather a regulation and is to be dealt with at first county board meeting in January.

gaelexiled (UK) - Posts: 9 - 20/12/2012 10:08:50    1312319


I love that line from the Cat regarding the old brigade at the county convention. "bit of chat from the oul lads who only plugged their hearing aids in halfway and got the wrong end of the stick." I went to a meeting in Ruislip once, it was like spending an hour or so inside an insane asylum.

Have to sadly agree with his comment that the London County team is no more than a refuge for fringe county players from home. Not enough done to bring young English-born players into senior teams over here. Maybe one day the next generation of "oul lads" will see the only way to build success is by investing into the under-age set up and not on lads who are here today, gone tomorrow .

Lazarus1 (Galway) - Posts: 173 - 20/12/2012 14:25:06    1312459