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All Ireland Football Quarter Finals in Ruislip

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I have being analyzing these forums recently as I am new to them. The first thing that pops into my mind is that the majority of people contributing are talking nonsense and have not got a clue what they are talking about. There also seems to be a vendetta against Tir Chonaill Gaels, which I am very surprised. I have to admit I am not a supporter of the TCG but I am an admirer to what they are trying to do.

Having being in London for over twenty years and played for only the one club, I can speak a lot about the game here. The majority of comments from people on these forums are either just blow in's and have no idea what is going on in London. Either be involved in a debate or just don't waste people's time with your negative comments.

So let's get back to the question put forward. How will TCG do against the Muster champions on the 16th December?

reviewer (UK) - Posts: 12 - 19/11/2012 17:25:07    1299901


2012 London Conway Cup Final

reviewer (UK) - Posts: 12 - 19/11/2012 18:47:36    1299968


It will probably be Cooper and the Crokes. He will destroy them.

Onyershoulder (UK) - Posts: 17 - 20/11/2012 09:18:01    1300105


Any team with Tir Conaill in their name is fine with me :) Tir Conaill ABU!

ranafastbhoy (Donegal) - Posts: 49 - 20/11/2012 10:28:14    1300140


Reviewer you soung like a grumpy old man

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Clarebearstare (Clare) - Posts: 192 - 20/11/2012 11:35:42    1300184


I think you will find that when a team is successful you get a lot of jealously from all the other clubs. Also I think there is a perception that certain clubs offer certain financial inducments to players in order for them to sign. TCG have been a well organised club have the best club facilites in London and as a result can attract the best players that come to London. Its the same as people being jealous of Man Utd. I think though TCG are not the only club to suffer from deragatory remarks on here, think you'll find its the same for example for Fulham and Parnells at times.
As for their AIQF, no team comes over to Ruislip and has an has an easy game. The big problem for TCG will be that they will have been lacking competitive games in the lead up to the game, they think will keep it tight for a bit but will ultimately lose by a few points.

Rosineri1 (UK) - Posts: 2013 - 20/11/2012 13:12:46    1300267


Clarebearstare, thanks for your constructive comment on the debate. Its guys like you that chase many people away from forums like this. People who have nothing to say are better saying nothing.

Anyway back to the debate, Castlehaven will beat the Crokes and it will be 1997 all over again.

reviewer (UK) - Posts: 12 - 20/11/2012 13:26:46    1300286


Well said Rosineri1 and I think your spot on with the level of games TCG have got. I do believe they are a decent team with good enough footballers but it may the lack of competitive games that will work against them.

Also, the consistency of REFs will also be a problem as the referee from Ireland that comes over will no doubt see things differently to what the TCG are used to over here.

But , I agree with you that it should be a decent game with the Munster champions winning by a few points, but it will not be a demolition job.

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I would be very suprised if Castlehaven beat Crokes but then you never know. I think the lack of competitive games for TCG will cost them especially in the last 10-15 mins of the game. It would be brilliant if they could pull off a shock and its only a matter of time before a London team does take a big scalp.

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