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GAA clubs near Guildford

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wat football clubs are near guildford as i have recently moved near there and wish to play a bit of ball?

londonvisitor (UK) - Posts: 2 - 24/10/2008 14:57:48    125980


Fulhum Irish. Wherever you are moving to be it north, south, east, west, the answer is Fulhum Irish.

Though Round Towers look the closest on the map.

Both senior teams so put out the fag, get off the drink and prepare for London GAA. Where nothing ever starts on time.

Wests_Awake (Galway) - Posts: 877 - 24/10/2008 15:16:36    126002


Every club in london will be out looking for you, but if you are on the a3 then either brendans in twickenham up the a3 to kingston by pass and then over the a308 prob 50 mins or round towers up the a3 and off at raynes park in morden prob 30 mins would be the closest senior teams, never listen to anyone from a club that looks up at the moon before telling you, ah sure guildford, 20 minutes, or 25 in bad traffic, sure we have loads of lads living down there.

The Cat (UK) - Posts: 403 - 24/10/2008 16:09:40    126071


looks up at the moon not sure what you mean there cat. BTW the closest club is definitely mccurtains.

Ive been down in the surrey research park manys a time in guildford and i have to sadly tell you this, its not anywhere near any london club unfortunately. The traffic can be serious coming back from there to south london unless its after 7 or 7.30.

Reading might even be closest to you to be honest!!!

pronane (None) - Posts: 324 - 24/10/2008 16:22:42    126089


r u serious? dont think i go reading, i wanna play regulary with a decent enough team (no offence intended!). which of the teams wud u recommend?

londonvisitor (UK) - Posts: 2 - 24/10/2008 16:45:04    126117


i tell you what that routeplanner tells some lies,
travel times from guildford,
towers 24miles 42 mins
brendans 27 miles 48 mins
fulham 27 miles 51 mins
NLS 58 miles 1hr 12mins

ifsomeone can make guildford to enfield in an hour i'd like to see it, none of those times are realistic, even during the day, as for making it to fulham the same time as you'd get to brendans some chance,

The Cat (UK) - Posts: 403 - 24/10/2008 16:49:10    126125


You'd be more than welcome to play with us - We have a couple of lads who travel up from near to Guildford so it's not an impossible journey ! Feel free to give us a shout : [email protected]

St_Anthonys (Dublin) - Posts: 9 - 24/10/2008 17:16:48    126146


Actually the nearest club to Guidford would be St Anthony's of Reading, about half an hour away.

padraig0g (UK) - Posts: 50 - 24/10/2008 17:49:13    126172


londonvisitor: the more players that join a club the better they get!

cat, i have driven to neasden from guildford from the surrey park and if i left at 7 in themorning i could be there for around 8.15(as long as no accident on the m25), this was serious hit and miss, id love to know how many accidents there are on the motorway yearly btw. When returning home I had to leave around 7 or later, but you could actually make neasden in 40 mins. Palmers green which is close to enfield would take about an hour and 15, but thats only at the times before 7 in the morning and after 7 in the evening.

I would like to add that that was doing speeds of 80 or 90 though which im sure the AA wasn't intending when it said those estimated times i.e. 56 mph or whatever.

lononvisitor if training is 8 or so you could probably make towers in over half an hour but that would be putting serious pedal to the medal.

pronane (None) - Posts: 324 - 25/10/2008 14:35:48    126458


pronane, i have you now, to make neasden in 40 mins from guildford you must have been on a motorbike, everytime towers have a game a load of their lads turn up on motorbikes, so can i deduce you are a towers man and if so, why are you not recommending them?

The Cat (UK) - Posts: 403 - 27/10/2008 07:42:04    127004


cat: NO it wasn't on a motorbike but its posisble to do it in around 40-45 mins at a good speed with no disruption from traffic.

I am not a towers man.

pronane (None) - Posts: 324 - 27/10/2008 10:56:47    127055


you wanna be careful pronane, if the ccc read that they'll suspend you for 96 weeks for bringing the gaa into disrepute by admitting to speeding on a public forum. london visitor, whatever club you choose always make sure there is fit birds in the pub they drink in----------

The Cat (UK) - Posts: 403 - 27/10/2008 11:45:07    127106


the cat, that is the wisest thing anyone has ever said on a GAA forum. Thats why visitor you should join Cats club i.e. Fulham IRish, oh and don't worry the fit birds are obviouslly not Irish, so its probably not any of hte aussie pubs they drink in either.

Cat, i wouldn't be playing anyway so they can do what they like ;D

pronane (None) - Posts: 324 - 27/10/2008 12:32:25    127173


yes join a club with a ladies team!!

why are irish* men and english women both like batteries,

irish men last six times longer and english women are ever ready.

this however does not include men from leitrim, who only perform adequately in a crush,

The Cat (UK) - Posts: 403 - 27/10/2008 16:28:19    127346


".. men from leitrim, who only perform adequately in a crush, .."

Cat you must be a farmer!

I'd never make any of those travelling times either...even if I could do 80 or 90 mph!!

Honda50 (Armagh) - Posts: 71 - 31/10/2008 08:33:36    130514


Can somebody tell me the nearest Hurling and football gaa club to Guildford, im interested in playing both

ImClass (Limerick) - Posts: 51 - 11/02/2014 14:40:07    1544739


We'd be the nearest football club to you (St Anthony's in Reading) - We have a couple of players who play with us and live close to Guildford so it would hopefully be possible to arrange lifts to and from training and games.
Feel free to drop us an email [email protected] or find us on facebook !

stanthonys (UK) - Posts: 6 - 11/02/2014 15:37:24    1544765


Super just dropped an email

ImClass (Limerick) - Posts: 51 - 11/02/2014 17:30:15    1544838


Roundtowers are the nearest club to guilford , we have players living down that way . email us at [email protected] or on facebook

castlequarter (UK) - Posts: 1 - 12/02/2014 19:23:25    1545369