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players backed the management team. O Hara out of order and trying to build his profile as a broadcaster. Also what was wrong with Oisin Mc Convilles comments? Not a thing

pretender (Meath) - Posts: 358 - 29/05/2013 13:00:39    1394283


29/05/2013 13:00:39
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players backed the management team. O Hara out of order and trying to build his profile as a broadcaster. Also what was wrong with Oisin Mc Convilles comments? Not a thing.

1. Nothing wrong with what O'Hara said on Sunday Game - he was pressed twice and eventually answered as he saw it
2. Nothing wrong with the players backing Walsh
3. Nothing wrong with McConville comments

Nothing wrong at all. All opinions, all views. Nobody is attacking anybody's character, honesty or motives.

Solo_Run (Leitrim) - Posts: 171 - 29/05/2013 14:07:33    1394368


Sorry for your troubles. Actually I am not. Mayo came within a minute of going out against London two years ago. Had they gone that day it would have been merited. As luck would have it they went on and won two Connacht titles since.Lucky them, beating a preoccupied Galway twice, over cocky Roscommon twice, injury ravaged Leitrim and a tough enough Sligo outfit didn't bring them to the hallowed land. Neither did knocking out the previous years All Ireland winners twice in that period...if anything it added to the sense of disappointment.

Sligo are still in the championship. A good draw in the backdoor could lead to redemption. Connacht football is in a state of flux at the moment. So too nationally, McGuinness and Donegal with six Ulster titles went for it and added a second All Ireland. I havent a clue as to how the state of each county in Connacht is at the moment. From what I see Galway are fine at under age up to U21. Roscommon seem very strong at Minor and U21. Leitrim quietly went about tiding themselves up after the Mayo match last year. To me the Mayo senior team mask a drought at under age level since 2009. So Sligo possibly fall across a few of those catagories, in order words a normal county waiting for the signs to align.

Eamon O Hara has a right to criticise. A veteran and a leader. however his quarry has a right of reply and that to be effective must be instant. The Sunday Game let down Kevin Walshe and the Sligo board the other night. Mayo has similarly been shafted without the right of reply over the years. So O Haras right to state what he believes has every right to be heard but not on a show where the people under the microscope cannot do anything about it. He now will face a choice. Take over Sligo and correct what he sees as wrong or continue to sit in RTE and pop away at who ever he fancies. The former may not be that simple. Easily Kevin Walsh might be walking the line with a resurgent Galway in two seasons time. On the other hand there is only so much value to be extracted from an 18 year career that yielded a single Connacht medal before someone says "who the hell are you to criticise us?".

From 1960 to 1966 Sligo were comfortably the second best team in Connacht. Galway were best by virtue of three in a row All Irelands from four successive finals.The 1970s saw a competitive Sligo with class players , the legendary Micky kearns, the powerful Dessie, John Kent, Murphy, before that the Caffreys, Laffey and Brennan. Heroes then , they made way for another generation. Time changes everything. Running Kerry close a few years ago, almost derailing Mayo last year is just that...almost. Beating Dublin and Cork the year before was the same for Mayo, there are no guarantees. Rock bottom is a good place. head down, refocus and eff the lot can suddenly see a drive up the ladder again. One game at a time, one win and Sligo have as much a chance as Longford, Laois, Armagh,Limerick or Tipp... and why not. This is not terminal but the abuse meted out to Walshe and others is toxic and wrong. This board up to know generally has been fair to the man. Two All Ireland seniors and five/six Connacht souvenirs tells me what he has achieved. Wait until the fat lady sings before hitting the red button.

ontheroad (None) - Posts: 530 - 29/05/2013 14:24:08    1394387


"From 1960 to 1966 Sligo were comfortably the second best team in Connacht". Really?!!

In that period:-

Galway : 5 wins in 7 finals
Roscommon 2 wins in 2 finals (plus an All-Irealnd appearance)
Mayo : 0 wins in 2 finals
Leitrim: 0 wins in 2 finals
Sligo: 0 wins in 1 final

Hardly comfortable!!!!!! Don't mean to kick a team when down, by the tendency to delusions in Sligo GAA goes back a long time it seems!

Solo_Run (Leitrim) - Posts: 171 - 29/05/2013 15:06:08    1394444


No wonder you guys win nothing, with the likes of O'Hara spouting on. Spillane and the boys must be having a wawful laugh at him now

dandydavitt (Mayo) - Posts: 349 - 29/05/2013 21:26:37    1394812


O'Hara is entitled to his opinion.

Shearer (Louth) - Posts: 738 - 30/05/2013 13:16:29    1395130


Mickey Harte.....what authority has he to comment.......NONE.

Garavogue (Sligo) - Posts: 95 - 31/05/2013 11:45:47    1395738



Can you take us through this great Sligo team 1960-1966?

Solo_Run (Leitrim) - Posts: 171 - 31/05/2013 19:04:45    1396192


If Sligo could get a good run going in the qualifiers, they could create their own heroes. The team may now be galvanised after O Hara's comments.

Jack L (None) - Posts: 2825 - 31/05/2013 19:14:10    1396197


Eamonn O'Hara had every right to say how he felt. Although I do feel what he said was very ver strong.

waynoI (Dublin) - Posts: 13598 - 03/06/2013 13:50:26    1397610


Tomorrows night CB meeting should be interesting. You'll have to listen to a bit propaganda to start with from the usual suspects, we love you kevin walsh, you are our most successful manager, you have single handed won us back to back promotions, (where are we now) cough cough, and you won us an All Ireland title and 3 connacht titles (now if ye say this enough lads outsiders will definitly believe yere on about senior titles but even a few in sligo will believe ye too) but there junior titles folks, sorry, yes mayo play only juniors and intermediate whereas we play senior b team and ulster and most of connacht dont compete, everything is great lads and then dont forget you will be all reminded that were are in all ireland semi final...thats junior again folks sorry.

You'll then be told london are the heavyweights of connacht, and that london are meant to beating us, sure it was inevitable to beating us, it had nothing to do with kevin walsh tactics of playing marren on his own up front to allow 2 london men to mark and stop the supply..

Now people of Sligo, dont ever dream too big or expect anything too great. Your not to be expecting to beat the likes of london. How dare you question our kevin walsh. We are all doing a great job and dont not question us either.

The fans are completely alienated our opinion of no value, the county board nor kevin walsh cares about any of you, and any chance of fundraising is at all time low, theres your answer Sligo CB, crowds are dwindling because of cb and walsh.

If the Sligo players love walsh so much why are we are we losing to london? something not quie right there dont ya think. Sligo players not allowed play with there clubs for 2 weeks before london, mayoman allowed play 2 days before for mayo club, on as a sub?.....fair or not...

Who will have the courage tomorrow to speak up for the good of Sligo GAA, who has the passion in their hearts to make a stand and speak the truth? Things could be turned very quickly if we can the right kind of people on board. Time for Change but not recycling the old either. I hope the clubs put an end to this charade.

I wonder how close i am on this to what is actually said....

Sligeach ABU,

Sligonian (Sligo) - Posts: 1543 - 03/06/2013 19:22:09    1397918


I have been reading on here for a long time.this is my first post.sligonian?you havn't been seen on here for prob a couple of yrs.your last post back then was you were delighted with the new county board.the new chairman.seems to me you only come on here to criticize.i'd like to know what your record is in coaching and team management in Sligo?

sligoharp (USA) - Posts: 10 - 04/06/2013 14:45:00    1398454


Sligoharp.... You are indeed correct. Sligonian courts controversy at all times. I do not like the Fact that Sligo got beaten but we must accept that Kevin Walsh was given the job by the Sligo Co Board who are democratically elected every year. It basically boils down to the clubs putting forward alternative candidates and having elections. This did not happen as once the Co chairman was democratically elected most of the other positions were not contested as the other candidates hadnt the balls to contest the positions. Clubs now need to meet and seriously consider their position in light of events over the last year.

eoinog (Sligo) - Posts: 815 - 04/06/2013 22:03:24    1398931


County board meeting was a farce, the whole meeting was taken up disputing finance (or lack of) and the whole London, Kevin Walsh, Eamonn O'Hara, Sunday Game saga barley got mentioned and when it did it was just one side blaming the other. Sorry to say lads but the regime is still in power and have no intention of going anywhere.

Benbulben (Sligo) - Posts: 298 - 05/06/2013 09:43:01    1398963


If we are serious about change clubs needs to put forward alternative candidates not jump on a bandwagon and slate everyone. Its now a time to sh*t or get off the pot

eoinog (Sligo) - Posts: 815 - 05/06/2013 10:17:56    1398996


The management team given the vote of confidence. Can now knuckle down and concentrate on the qualifiers.

Jack L (None) - Posts: 2825 - 05/06/2013 14:16:44    1399320


I take on board your comments lads, it is a controversial topic in fairness, but i feel now for sure we should focus on solving the issues. There is the 13 point plan from Croke park and there needs to be alot of work done to reduce the debt, which doesnt concern me too much, the most worrying aspect is the division within the county.

Fundraising depends on the fans, i have payed alot in the past but i would not do so presently tbh, not until current management are gone and a few changes at CB level. Morale is low so i dont expect very high gates for the qualifiers, and our club games dont generate much support so it wont be easy.

I was disappointed to hear of not much debate or comment on the london game or walshs position or oharas treatment but the general consesus is thats walsh is gone after the qualifiers so a not worth talking about. I think the conduct of the CB could of been questioned and i am surprised it wasn't but it is as ohara said that walsh poor management has floated under the radar once again.

Apparently a United CB was mentioned quite alot and i would love this as we do need everyone pulling in the same direction. At least there seemed to be an acknowledgement that there is division within the CB from my understanding. The Clubs and good Sligo GAA people will get there chance at convention to put themselves forward and try to bring the change they want for the betterment of Sligo Gaa, i hope this is the case.

Sligonian (Sligo) - Posts: 1543 - 05/06/2013 15:39:50    1399457