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Hi Lads and Ladies,this is an unusual one for this forum but as a Monaghan gael I want to get all Monaghan gaels to get behind this important cause.
This is for a little boy just aged 1 called Dan Donoher from Courtwood ,Co .Laois.He need a life saving injection in the U.S.
This is costing over $2.1 million .He needs this before he is 2 years old.
I work with the little fellas dad Niall who played for Laois for best parts of a decade.His last game for Laois was against ourselves in the Qualifiers in 2018.
I know that the Monaghan Ladies are supporting Dan ,and a huge Thanks for this.
Im not sure if the moderator will allow this message,im hoping they will.
Anyway if anyone wishes to support this cause there is a go fund for dan.Its #doitfordan.
During these times when we are feeling the effects of social distancing and indeed doing thing which we as GAA people would not being used to doing.Not meeting up for training/games/this would be a brillant cause to get behind.
Check with your club secretarys as they should have all been given details regarding this.
Thanks for the support.

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Hi Lads and Ladies.
This is just a message to say Thanks to all the Monaghan Gaels for their support for the #doitfordan fundraiser.
As of Friday night the organising commitee have announced that the target has been achieved.This could not have happened without the support of people from all over the country and indeed overseas also.
I also wish to say a huge thanks to the Monaghan ladies who had Dan as one of the recipients from the 1000km run.
Also a massive Thanks to Conor McManus who also did his part for the campaign,and to everyone who supported anything in relation to this incredible event Thanks for your support.

farneyhammer01 (Monaghan) - Posts: 28 - 27/04/2020 17:21:42    2276857