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A family friend has asked me to do some research for them into Mayo's US Tour in 1932.

I found the below referenced on this website…

October 1931
TROUBLE broke out in Mayo GAA circles when one of the county's best ever forwards, Gerald Courell, tendered his resignation.
His action rose from arrangements being made by the County Board for the proposed visit to New York of the Mayo team in 1932 and none of the Mayo players were involved. The invitation came from New York Mayor, William O'Dwyer, a native of Bohola. Gerald's brother, Joe, who was a selector and member of the County Finance Committee, also resigned. The reason put forward by the two brothers was that a third brother and former star, D.F. Courell, had been slighted by a member or members of the County Board and an apology was needed.
January 1932
THE invitation from Mayor O'Dwyer for the Mayo team to travel to the USA was discussed at length and heated debate ensued as to the composition of the travel party. At first it was understood that the Championship team of 1931 should travel, but the O'Dwyer brothers, William and Paul, expressed a wish that Dick Hearns and Sean 'Baller' Lavin should be added to the travelling party.
Despite the fact that Mayor O'Dwyer was financing the trip, strong objections were raised to the two names because they were not members of the 1931 team and because they did not sign on when invited to join the 1931 panel. Eventually a motion that the two men named be included in the panel provided they agreed to play in 1932 was carried by a substantial majority. The Chairman of the Board, Bernard Durcan, was unanimously appointed team manager.
May 1932
Following considerable excitement at farewell functions in Ballina and Castlebar, and after over-nighting in Dublin before first sailing for Southampton, Mayo eventually arrived stateside to play their first of eight tour matches, at the Polo Grounds, where they took on a New York team in front of an estimated 45,000 supporters. The ball was thrown in by 'Gentleman' Jim Corbett, former heavyweight champion of the world. The home side, aided by Mayo men Joe McFadden, Westport, and Ballina brothers, Mick and Martin Ormsby, won 2-7 to 1-9.
Mayo beat a Boston selection 4-9 to 1-2 in Rhode Island in front of 25,000 and they also defeated a Providence selection 0-18 to 0-9. Their fourth game was at Yankee Stadium where again New York were victorious, 1-7 to 0-7, but Mayo beat New Jersey at Newark Ball Park, 2-8 to 2-6. The penultimate game also resulted in a win for the tourists, this time against
Philadelphia who they beat 3-6 to 0-5, however, they still couldn't get the better of New York who beat them at Yankee Stadium, 1-5 to 1-2.
Mayo touring squad: S Moran, Jim Forde and J O'Dwyer (all Ballyhaunis); G Courell, M Mulderrig, captain, and P Culkin (all Ballina); J Egan, P Moclair, P Quinn, T Burke, P Hoban and P Flannelly (all Castlebar); J Kenny and M Moran (both Westport); T Tunney (Charlestown); S O'Malley (Claremorris); P Munnelly (Crossmolina); T Kelly (Newport); J Curran (Irishtown); S Lavin (Kiltimagh) and D Hearns (Dublin).

- Would anyone out there have further details? Like specific dates of matches?
Just trying to narrow the search so i can try find photo's in old newspaper archives, etc.

The above is great, lots of great info in a few short lines, looks like a newspaper article but it isnt referenced,
also i believe O'Dwyer wasnt mayor of nyc until 1946 so not sure where that came from.

Thanks in advance if you can help.

HenryHill16 (Dublin) - Posts: 249 - 17/05/2016 11:25:53    1855579


Great read, thanks Henry. I remember reading that before in a book. I am not 100% sure but it could have been "The Road to 51" written by Western People Editor James Laffey. Maybe you could contact him.
One thing that strikes you is the crowd's....I would imagine the number's of Irish born in the states in the 1930's was quite high.
I also believe the Mayo team were given a parade down 5th Ave once where thousands lined the street's...not sure if it was that tour or another.

yew_tree (Mayo) - Posts: 10417 - 18/05/2016 09:03:13    1855845


Thanks for the response yew_tree, find it an interesting tale myself (esp the Jim Corbett bit!) but info about it is defo thin on the ground.

Searched some online newspaper articles in pearse library the other day, and there was some reference to the departure but not much more.
No photo's unfortunately. ill start emailing.

HenryHill16 (Dublin) - Posts: 249 - 19/05/2016 15:03:07    1856419


was there another Mayo trip to New York in the early sixties , when Joe Corcoran one of Mayos best ever players was dropped from the panel for the trip, with the result he did not play for Mayo for a number of years can anyone fill in the facts of this trip.

culmore (None) - Posts: 1398 - 19/05/2016 21:04:27    1856557


Replying To culmore:  "was there another Mayo trip to New York in the early sixties , when Joe Corcoran one of Mayos best ever players was dropped from the panel for the trip, with the result he did not play for Mayo for a number of years can anyone fill in the facts of this trip."
@culmore wasn't it something about the players partners weren't allowed I heard, jinkin joe was married I think at the time.

Spoddgy (Mayo) - Posts: 657 - 22/05/2016 17:27:46    1857391