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Get Rid Of County Team Managers - Let Players Play Football.

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Watching some Club Games both live and on TV over the last few weeks, its great to see some open football and players let express themselves . Some County players going on solo runs and even A O Shea kicking points from play something he would not be allowed to do in a County game.

County Managers have the game ruined, with players over trained and not allowed to play the game and show off their skills. resulting in dull physical games with no flair and no real excitement for the neutral supporter .

A solution would be play only Club Football from February to end of June, then let County panels form and train together from 1st July and start County Games from 1st August till end of November , with a complete break for December and January. All Counties would have an even playing field then and it would stop the County /Club clashes and also save County Boards a lot of money

Has anyone else saw County players doing better for their Clubs this year and enjoying their football and putting on a better game to watch.

jacktheboy (Donegal) - Posts: 41 - 10/08/2020 10:51:07    2287083