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Replying To squares_edge:  "dont think mm tried to rough them up= quite the opposite. corofin came out all guns blazing physically even before the throw in- sice cathal silke and others wrestling players to the ground but more power to them they knew they would win an encounter like that"
Personally I taught it was MM that we're the ones that wanted to be physical, however I was un sure as it happens so fast. According to Ray Silk in his paper column Corofin we're the team that imposed the physical mussels. So sorry MM if I accused ye in the wrong.

heartbroken (Galway) - Posts: 318 - 21/10/2017 07:26:37    2056734


Not sure what match people were watching on Sunday. Corofin were the instigators of the physicality on Sunday. Even my missus was aghast by the way Corofin went about it at the start of the game. I heard Galway Bay Fm also said Mnt Bell started it but that says enough as their analysis of games is at a very very low level.

philip3 (Galway) - Posts: 187 - 21/10/2017 14:39:15    2056804