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Doire v UUJ

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enjoyed the game tonight - Lynch great Game - Gerard O`Kane great game - Forrester brilliant tonight could have had a couple of points himself but worked his socks off and plenty of energy and Running - Congrats Neil - McCamley great defensive Midfield play tonight - on a more serious note - hope the injury To CJ mc gourty is not as bad as it looks - never like to see a man get hurt like that it looked inocuous enough and certainly no malice in it - anyway - Doire Abú

doirebhoy (Derry) - Posts: 344 - 14/01/2012 21:05:50    1093693


I completely for got to Mention PB return - in a low key return he still managed to bag 1.01 from play - he looked a bit nervous when the first couple of balls went in to him but as time goes on he will grow in confidence but as he proved tonight he still hasnt lost that predatorial instinct - Good man Paddy agus Fáilte Ar Ais !

doirebhoy (Derry) - Posts: 344 - 14/01/2012 21:13:04    1093697


Great for yous having P.bradley back.Thought his return was not too be till N.F.L. Any word when his brother eoin will return...

DUB1 (Dublin) - Posts: 5583 - 15/01/2012 12:11:43    1093763


How's e Lynn doing. I was impressed with him a few yrs ago but haven't seen him around in a while.

BNF (Tyrone) - Posts: 36 - 15/01/2012 13:04:24    1093791


Great to see Paddy back playing football, fair play and some reward for all the hard work he's put in since the injury happened.

south_derry (Derry) - Posts: 47 - 15/01/2012 13:52:54    1093808


Dub1 Eoin wont be back until April or so

doirebhoy (Derry) - Posts: 344 - 15/01/2012 16:44:17    1093874

Link For those who 'missed' the game, A great analysis.

Orlaith (Derry) - Posts: 4282 - 15/01/2012 18:18:08    1093966


great to see young forester talking about the passion he has on pulling on the jersey on his debut great attitude

brolly_4_pres (Derry) - Posts: 356 - 15/01/2012 20:40:22    1094124


Glad to see Paddy Bradley back for yous on Sat night, great player!! Just as a matter of interest from a Donegal point of view, Did Leo Mc Loone or Eoin Wade play against yous for UUJ and if so how did they play? You should have a handy path to the semi's now with Donegal to put out the experimental team again on Wednesday night in Mac Cumhaill Park. Can't see any manager wanting to give away their hand at this stage of the season although it is fairly early days!! Roll on the summer!!

Tir Conaill Abu (Donegal) - Posts: 1589 - 16/01/2012 14:29:26    1094408


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1093874 Dub1 Eoin wont be back until April or so

Cheers doirebhoy

DUB1 (Dublin) - Posts: 5583 - 16/01/2012 20:36:54    1094712


O'Boyle seems to be playing very well in the McKenna Cup going by the match reports. Seems like it could be a breakout year for the guy.

dkeane (Kerry) - Posts: 6 - 19/01/2012 11:39:00    1096441


where was paddy bradley on sat night?

stekhli (Dublin) - Posts: 3116 - 20/01/2012 20:21:56    1097376


Stekhli - Last sat night against UUJ Paddy came on as a 2nd half sub he played the last 20 mins or so and scored 1.01 from play

doirebhoy (Derry) - Posts: 344 - 21/01/2012 09:29:07    1097441