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I am very surprised at Damian's first Derry panel. It's great to see Kevin Johnstone, Liam McGoldrick etc back. However, where is Daniel Heavron? He's been Derry's top performer for the past 2 seasons. Also surprised by the omission of Emmett McGuckian. I know his performances suffered under Barton but he has still something to offer at county level. Mark Craig is another, very versatile player. There was 15 senior county players who didn't represent Derry last year for various reason. Out of those 15 only a few have returned. I wonder if these players plus the ones named above were actually invited back?

The panel Damian has assembled will be hungery and eager to impress and bring success to the county. I sincerely hope we can make positive steps forward in 2018. It would be more advantageous to integrate new talent into an experienced team instead of other way about. Jim McGuinness built his team on experience with a minority of young and upcoming talent. Rory Gallagher continued this and integrated more talent over the next few seasons.

I hope we are developing systems of play, we have been to one dimensional for years. It made us to predictable and easy too beat. If Damian uses the same philosophy of play that he used in this years Minor Final we will whipping boys. Senior football is a big step-up and you need players and management all pulling in one direction. The manager must be respected and we can't have players throwing the dummy out of the park as in the past.

Finally, we need the whole county getting behind the team.

OakGael (Derry) - Posts: 293 - 08/12/2017 23:00:45    2064715


Good Enough Panel, bit disappointed that a few of the top players in the county aren't in the panel for a varies amount of different reasons, would be great if Shane and Danny Heavron were there, McGuckin should be there, Sammy Bradley and Keelan Feeny would be great, Niall Loughlain is a huge miss due to traveling, Ryan Bell should be there and Dermot McBride would have been solid in defence, Hopefully a few of them will be added later on. A few of the U-20s will be up for the McKenna cup and the League so if any of them do good enough they could cement their place in the panel after their season is over, hopefully. The McWilliam brothers could get in there including Brian Cassidy, Teirnan Flannagan is not half bad and can get a place there aswell, There is another few who could get there, Calum Browne is a definite if he plays anything like he did for the minors last year.
Now the current panel named has a few good names New and Experienced, Happy a few came back. Emmet Bradley and Kevin Johnston are good to have, Micheal Bateson will have a bit to offer and young Niall Toner could be great in the forward line. Not to sure about Terence O,Brien being back but hopefully ill be proven wrong, Liam McGoldick is never bad to have as he can do damage to anyone if he tried. Jack Dothery and Patrick Kearny are to great new additions as they both have decent pace and strength, Niall Mooney will be there to impress also, Paul McNeil will be a huge addition in that Half-Balk line. Paidraig Cassidy will be great addition for Mid-Feild
A few good familiar names, Niall Kennan, Ciaran McFaul, Benny Heron, Shane McGuigan, Chrissy and Karl McKaige etc.etc.
Lynch, Lynn and Keilt are all good to have with experience. Rodgers should be in that no.3 jersey no matter what when he is back from Sleachtneil. Not to sure about having Tallon and Carlus McWillaims back as they done nothing for us last year and were both awful, hope they play to full ability.
Down side for Derry is the Sleachneil Lads probably wont be back till after St.Patricks. (Not Complaining)
Over all I'm very optimistic for 2018, I think we will have a much stronger team than previous years with a number of the u-20s coming in later in the year, Hopefully win the McKenna Cup, I think we will win and get promoted from Div3. Think we will get to an Ulster Final don't know if we will win or not, Maybe if good enough maybe and All-Ireland Semi Final.
McErlain is known as an attacking minded manager so hopefully he will be making them play traditional attacking football, we cant play defensive and no one wants them to play defensive.
Come on Derry!

oakleafersir (Derry) - Posts: 807 - 10/12/2017 15:31:25    2064781


I agree that he needs to entice Mc Bride and Mc Kindless into the panel, did he even select Mc Kindless in the first place, same as Heavron, not selected, completely nuts. Both are county player standard. I also believe that Bellaghy's Peter Cassidy should also be there, we need midfielders and he is very mobile, he is carrying Bellaghy. I don't see Paidraig CASSIDY from Sneil as being a county midfielder, not big enough, see him at whf, due to his mobility. Don't mind young players being introduced but Mc Erlain worry's me, his inexperience shone through in the minor final and also by selecting so many young players whilst disregarding decent older players some of whom are county standard. He needed a vastly experienced man in his management team.

MickeyMouse (Derry) - Posts: 174 - 23/01/2018 23:07:02    2070242