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Replying To mickcunningham:  "big sur im afraid i have to disagree . cillian daly cannot play full back on donie kingston . it would be a
mismatch . dennis coroon and darragh daly will be midfield . luke loughlin has to be managed better , he is starting to remind me of dennis glennon when dennis first started . trying to do all himself . luke is a wonderful talent but he is burning himself out . ger egan will be centre forward . i would try alan stone at full back"
I don't know how you could have Stones at centre back. He is major liability and has been every game this year. I wouldn't be surprised if Gallagher is in goals. His kick outs were good last weekend and that's a part of Carberry's game that he needs to improve. Disappointing loss last weekend but we have the players to kick on against Laois. Be worse if we lost we our first 15 out.

Matthew (None) - Posts: 930 - 15/05/2018 15:35:25    2101026


You can see what I did there, stopped ye from moaning about the Meath game and moved ye onto Laois !
Donie Kingston started at 11 the last day - Stone will have to pick him up where ever he plays. The days of a big old style full back are gone. Think of Jamie Gonoud most of last year for his club.
Without doubt Maguire is hard to replace. Laois will be a serious challenge as their tails are up after the last day.
I see PP have Westmeath @ 10/11 with Laois @ 11/10 with the draw @ 15/2.

BigSur (Westmeath) - Posts: 815 - 15/05/2018 16:45:53    2101057


Thought Kelly said they were giving certain lads a run for this game, still no excuse though. You would of thought if lads were getting an opportunity three weeks out from championship they might have taken it. Laois's win after coming back from the dead will give them some real confidence coming into this game, so it will be interesting to see. Time will tell, and hopefully we can pick it up - we are more than capable of taking Laois.

winghalf10 (Westmeath) - Posts: 32 - 16/05/2018 09:10:39    2101249


Replying To mickcunningham:  "my team for what its worth would be eoin carberry
markmcallon alan stone cillian daly

noel mulligan jamie gonoud james dolan

dennis corroon darragh daly

kieran martin ger egan luke loughlin

john connelan john heslin ronan o toole"
Killian Daly left the panel. McCallon and Heslin likely won't be fit in time.

anon (None) - Posts: 338 - 16/05/2018 15:46:40    2101415


Replying To anon:  "Killian Daly left the panel. McCallon and Heslin likely won't be fit in time."
Sorry to see Killan Daly leaving panel in the middle of the season. One of our best backs. Was everything done to accommodate his work commitments? I assume it has nothing to do with the Shamrocks fundraising commitments?

wonit1time (Westmeath) - Posts: 450 - 17/05/2018 08:22:01    2101584


just substitute boideau for cillian daly . my team remains the same . still not sure about heslin
or mcallon . with them we have a glimmer of hope but without we dont stand a chance . the hurlers are the team to follow this summer .

mickcunningham (Westmeath) - Posts: 1349 - 17/05/2018 10:10:26    2101610