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All Britain Junior Football Championship 2014

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@onyershoulder london beat half a leitrim team and only just last year 7 missing from what should have started, as for lancashire, if they trained 4 nights a week, and had the medical team and back up they wouldnt be far off, have a look at what Galway did in London before rating london up there as regular winners in connacht

The Lancs county team isnt taken as seriously as it used to be and to get over that line and win a junior title it needs to be

UniGaa (National) - Posts: 694 - 04/06/2014 16:53:31    1598111


I wouldn't press any panic button just yet!!

Firstly, fair play to the lads who travelled on Sunday to represent Lancashire. There were several key players missing due to injury and unavailability. A good sign when lads can step in and help out!

I have heard Lancashire will be a lot stronger for the rest of the competition. And good luck lads, more than capable of 5 in a row.

You may think I am pasting over the cracks. I am not - the organisation, communication and management needs improving.

I'd encourage the Oisin's lads to get involved. Fall outs are for committees to sort not players. Don't let politics stop you from playing at a higher level - go and enjoy!

Good luck Lancashire for the rest of the competition!

maroonandwhite (UK) - Posts: 63 - 04/06/2014 16:57:14    1598115


Hospital Ball - What i am saying is that due to the fact that there is no senior games, this gives players that are selected in the clubs senior 12 list and can not play junior a chance to go away which is what alot of them have done

Mayoforsam - Dom Glennon and Marty Carey are no longer in Lancashire but were both all britain winning captains, Mulligan is injured, Malloy is flat out working as a PT, Willy Ahern is injured.

Yes Fitz and Coss were last 2 and played for 2-3 years winning 2-3 all britains

Onyershoulder - I would agree with UniGAA that over the last few years Lancs would have given London seniors and very good game but London had one good year which was great for British GAA. They came back down with a bang v an inexperienced young Galway team

Bigtom - I would pick the following -

Alder, Planty, Connoly Bros, Gavin, Conway, Sands, Givney, Kelly SB

Gilligan, Quinn, Ryder, Gallagher, Morris, O Malley, Nolan, Coyne, Hughes SP

Mulligan, Malloy, Mooney, Mc Dermott, Sheepy the small corner forawrd, the full back, couple others but cant think of names.

Goldrick SL

5-6 from Oisins but dont know names - 2 x midfielders

That would give you a panel of 33 players with 2 players fighting over every position which would be very healthy competition.

The whole structure of the All Britain needs to be sorted as at the minute its a shambles with counties not fielding

tribesman_10 (Galway) - Posts: 96 - 04/06/2014 17:34:25    1598149


Jesus some of ye are highly diluded to think a Lancashire team would get within 15 points of London.

daskip89 (Galway) - Posts: 234 - 05/06/2014 17:48:24    1598760


Daskip how dare you talk badly of Lancashire on here! They may as well change this forum to "lets all talk about how good Lancashire are"

Same craic every year, the All Britain is a joke of a competition! It showed last week when two teams couldn't be bothered to travel and yet get another crack this weekend, should be a walkover for the teams who actually were bothered to turn up to their fixtures! Lancashire will have a whole new team out this weekend as the game is only a couple of hours away for them the big guns will grace everybody with their presence!

Its the clubs who suffer, the county boards pretty much put the club scene on hold while they have a crack at the All Briatain, not even allowing challenge games to go ahead!

hawkeye82 (Kerry) - Posts: 202 - 06/06/2014 10:00:40    1598925


Hertfordshire were beaten last year in the final - a genuinley very close game, in which herts had they taken a couple of key second half chance would have won the game......Taking some of the comments on board here in this particular chat, that therefore implies that Hertfordshiere might be Munster Champions in a few years - - - - - - - - -scratchin my head - - - - -I wonder will Hertfordshire beat Lanc's this Sunday?

cappakee (Clare) - Posts: 66 - 06/06/2014 15:14:57    1599111


Lancashire 5-11 herts 2-7
London 1-13 Kilkenny 3-8

Lancs meet kk in Manchester next weekend

Scotland 3-19 Yorkshire 0-7
Warwickshire beat glos

That leaves Yorks v glos

Scotland and Warwickshire into semi finals

UniGaa (National) - Posts: 694 - 08/06/2014 21:04:48    1600185


Easily the worst London Junior team I've seen. Every year lads are getting called at the last minute to come down and just throw a jersey on. They had to give a walkover the first week. If there was any type of preparation put in they would walk this championship. Who is in charge of putting the management in place ??

Lazarus1 (Galway) - Posts: 173 - 09/06/2014 14:01:35    1600675


What was the London team?

overseas (Donegal) - Posts: 108 - 09/06/2014 15:10:56    1600781


The lads chosen to manage the team should have being spending the last few weeks watching the Junior clubs play there league games and speak to the quality players from each squad. That would have got the guys interested instead of sending an email out asking for names. Then they could have played a few friendly matches again intermediate or senior reserve teams to get used to eachother instead of just meeting up and getting pick based on what club you play for. Any one know how the management was chosen?

kilbride (None) - Posts: 20 - 09/06/2014 17:02:03    1600920


Sounds similar to what happened in Herts this year. The shield game will be pure crap next week.

London would not "Walk this every year".

daskip89 (Galway) - Posts: 234 - 09/06/2014 18:45:59    1601016


mayo4sam, that sounds like a team from 3 years ago. Team changes every year, lads come and go and others age and drop their performance levels drop.

Unigaa-How many players do Lancashire have who have played senior for their county? As far as i'm aware there's only one and thats St Brendans keeper Alder. I do agree that their is a team capable of winning the the Junior All Ireland if all the best players particiapated but there's not enough quality in the county to give London a game.

fasteddie (Longford) - Posts: 3 - 10/06/2014 13:33:26    1601426


fasteddie - I do agree with you that it's difficult to maintain players every year. Just look at the London team, they seem to be struggling this year after losing a few players. It's just what happens away from Ireland.

I think the best of Lancashire would give London a good game, but realistically I do think the step up in standard would be too much for Lancashire. Although, very few in Lancashire have represented their senior county team at home, the London team is made up of lads who can't get on their respective county teams at home, hence why they move across the water to play inter county football while acquiring full time work.

From reading the forums, has London club football gone backwards this year? Seems to be continuous arguments over fixtures and plenty of walkovers…

lancsgael1 (UK) - Posts: 13 - 11/06/2014 12:19:07    1602052


fast eddie i am not long back in lancs but from what limited knowledge i have of personnel in the county there wouldnt have been too many senior, but plenty of u21 and minor who have came here to study and have stayed on

as for london how many of their current crop were holding down senior inter county positions with premier counties - corkery from dublin would be the only one i know and he doesnt tog for them, so balance it up whats better a half back from a div 4 county or an u21 from a tier 1 county

I am of the opinion that there wouldnt be too much in it if everything in the preparation was equal

UniGaa (National) - Posts: 694 - 11/06/2014 14:52:48    1602189


@Unigaa - To be fair there's a brave few pints of Guinness between minor & u21 to the age these boys are at now!

kinglarsson (Down) - Posts: 88 - 11/06/2014 15:10:05    1602205


I watched St.Peters play TGC a few years back in a challange match. From memory they were using it as a warm up before the All Ireland as they had both won their respective All Britains.

Although it was a decent game you could tell the TGC were a class above.


Winker ;-)

winker (Down) - Posts: 46 - 11/06/2014 15:33:13    1602218


Kilkenny 4-11 Lancashire 1-12 the drive for 5 is over

UniGaa (National) - Posts: 694 - 14/06/2014 21:31:31    1603601


And that's the team that would put it up to the London seniors? This competition is a joke under the present method. Should be done and dusted over one weekend in Birmingham. All counties could play two games on the Saturday with the rest on the Sunday. I bet players from all counties would be more interested in playing over one weekend than over the the whole month of June.

Carnaross (None) - Posts: 189 - 15/06/2014 11:38:46    1603672


carnaross i put plenty of caveats around when i made that statement, lancs got what they deserved on saturday - nothing, its not been taken seriously

whats worse on sunday yorkshire i hear didnt field v glos, with a chance of a semi final if your not going to go all the way why bother in the first place

its been said above play this on one weekend? why - blitzes etc should be for developing the game not for county level where most of the players on the pitch would be senior, change within the counties as well as at provincial level on the format is a must as the club game shouldnt suffer, also for those clubs who dont put players forward there should be a sanction if the players have been requested

UniGaa (National) - Posts: 694 - 16/06/2014 09:09:38    1604213


Carnaross - If it is ran as you suggest it wouldnt comply with the rules and regulations for championship and so the winners here wouldnt be entitled to play in the all ireland.

Uppercusack (UK) - Posts: 16 - 16/06/2014 13:31:58    1604475