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Everyone thought this was the worst mcdermotts team ever but did mitchells get
This far last year? No! Mcdermotts win today by 8 points. Mitchells had a completely different team out than they did for the final against macs which is very suspicious. Macs now go to Liverpool in the semi finals what's everyone's opinions on that match ?

Thematches (UK) - Posts: 24 - 12/10/2014 17:06:54    1662905


Well played the Macs today ! It was a very disciplined and confident performances built on their recent all Ireland and county sfc successes. Apart from the opening 10 mins Macs were in total control and fully deserved their victory.

The semi final in Liverpool v John Mitchels will be an even tougher test for the Macs but you cannot write the Macs off and the winner of that match will be warm favourites to win the All Britain in my view.

Harp46brum (UK) - Posts: 148 - 12/10/2014 19:25:49    1662951


Congratulations to Macs under 16s team on their championship win yesterday. Absolutely tremendous performance. They have had a great season in winning league, championship and an all britain title as well.
Well done to all the management and parents of all these lads, keep the production line coming.

This was the team that came through from under 10s and managed by the late Coley Folan, he would have been proud of each and everyone of you lads all season, well done.

moonshine (UK) - Posts: 297 - 19/10/2014 10:09:00    1665070


Well done to the Macs who keep on producing excellent under age teams from under 8 to under 18 where they have appeared in every championship final this season which is a major achievement.

Teams must start taking notes from their success as they must be one of the best Clubs in the Uk at the moment and Coley would be very proud of his young lads and in particular with his son being captain of the excellent under 16 team.

Predictions today for home grown victories for Macs & egb.

No show by Fulham Irish in the provincial hurling today which is very disappointing!

Harp46brum (UK) - Posts: 148 - 19/10/2014 14:41:47    1665133


19/10/2014 14:41:47
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Well done to the Macs who keep on producing excellent under age teams from under 8 to under 18 where they have appeared in every championship final this season which is a major achievement.

Teams must start taking notes from their success as they must be one of the best Clubs in the Uk at the moment and Coley would be very proud of his young lads and in particular with his son being captain of the excellent under 16 team.

Cant disagree with any of your points Harp46brum the club must be congratulated from top to bottom. If what you say is true I would safely say it must be a world record in any sport especially as its a amateur sport. By all accounts their senior and junior teams are not to bad either.Again congratulations to all involved I hope they are very proud of themselves Well done.

Mulligan Eamonn (None) - Posts: 896 - 19/10/2014 21:37:19    1665300


Good evening All!

Are we ready for some predictions for the weekend''s big matches?

Macs to lose to the all Britain champions innLiverpool by a small margin of between 2 - 4,points but macs will battle to the end and the Liverpool boys will need to be on their toes as macs could pull of a major shock if Owens and Murphy are allowed too much time & space.

Division 2 championship should be a good match if N Padraig bother to turn up following their pitiful non show for the Division 2 league final ! Are the Leicester boys avoiding winning the big matches to avoid going up to Division 1 next season? Four masters to win by 6 as they have goals in them with the Harkins and star striker Cuffe.

EGB to win the reserve match v casements

Harp46brum (UK) - Posts: 148 - 22/10/2014 19:21:42    1666263


Any comments on the home grown final being abandoned today after a mass brawl After Walsh & Harriman were sent off for fighting?

Harp46brum (UK) - Posts: 148 - 02/11/2014 18:00:52    1669056


I wasn't at the match and I don't know what went on but there is one common denominator here. This is another serious incident, that has been one a year for the last four years. The question must now be asked how long is this club going to get a way with this? I will guess that the will play the victim once more but surely enough is now enough. It is time for all the clubs in Warwickshire to boycott any fixtures with this club untill they are severely dealt with by the county board or higher if needed.

hagan (Donegal) - Posts: 99 - 02/11/2014 18:52:04    1669077


The macs record of red & black cards this season must rank as one of the worst in the UK?

Unless the county board enforces strong sanctions such as match bans/heavy fines etc then their poor disciplinary record will continue for ever and will spoil the good name of GAA in the Midlands

Harp46brum (UK) - Posts: 148 - 02/11/2014 18:35:19    1669098


everyone goes on about macs discipline but everyone needs to take in to consideration that it's not just macs who get people sent of and black carded. Sean mcdermotts are one of the most successful teams in britan and do the most for warkshire than any other clubs! In my opinion everyone makes reasons for not liking macs because In all honestly they are better than them and have a very strong team and club!

Thematches (UK) - Posts: 24 - 02/11/2014 19:07:19    1669114


I am not talking about black and red cards.
Banned from underage tournament in London
U18 match in Birmingham abandoned
Senior match in Coventry match abandoned
Senior match v Barnabus match abandoned
Senior match in Birmingham referee assaulted after the match
One of the above is bad enough but all have been wept under the carpet with little or no punishment. How long can this go on?

hagan (Donegal) - Posts: 99 - 02/11/2014 19:19:22    1669120


There was no sending off, there was an assault a reaction to that assault then a melee broke out. Nothing will be done so it's up to clubs now to make a stand against this behaviour

Lethal (Derry) - Posts: 281 - 03/11/2014 08:25:35    1669176


Both lads involved have been in their fair share of altercations before. I would guess that neither party is innocent in this. Will there be a replay of the game or not? What was the score when the game was abandoned?

halfbackward (UK) - Posts: 76 - 03/11/2014 08:57:09    1669196


It is such a shame that the talk within gaa circles now will be about another match abandonment and not about the quality of players on show in the home grown final. Macs would have gone a long in the British knock out stages but their chances have been scuppered and I have heard that Harrigan has ended up in hospital! Not a good advert to our underage kids wanting to play gaa in the future

Harp46brum (UK) - Posts: 148 - 03/11/2014 17:35:48    1669440


Hagan you've failed to mention that those abandonments you've pointed out are spread across at least a five year period. People don't seem to realise that McDermott's are usually winning at the times of most altercations so why would they cause these fights and jeopardise going through? Don't get me wrong Macs need to refrain from retaliation but has anybody ever accused the other teams or are Sean McD just an easy scapegoat now? It's very easy to criticise them but they are by far the best football team in Warwickshire at the moment. It's a hard life at the top Macs and the teams of Warwickshire are sure showing the green eyed monster!

warwickshirefan (UK) - Posts: 7 - 07/11/2014 14:37:13    1670470


It was EGB who retailiated not Macs in this instance. Clearly is ok to have one abandonment a year, as the last poster has suggested. Yes they are the county champions but they'll win no friends the way they behave

Lethal (Derry) - Posts: 281 - 07/11/2014 16:23:12    1670502


It's always macs who cause it, they are always the common denominator but yet again it'll get brushed under the carpet

Lethal (Derry) - Posts: 281 - 07/11/2014 17:37:58    1670538


Warwickshire Fan
Sorry I didn't realise if it was only once a year it was ok to verbally/physically abuse referees and assault players. That statement in itself shows the thinking behind this team and its players and it should be no surprise that these incidents occur.
Again I repeat when are the other clubs in Warwickshire going to get together and refuse to play this team rather than go on year after year with incident after incident. If the county board won't act then it is time for the true Warwickshire fans and clubs to do something.It will be only a matter of time before someone will get seriously injured in one of these altercations and then it will be too late.

hagan (Donegal) - Posts: 99 - 07/11/2014 17:49:02    1670541


At no point did I state that Sean McDermotts allow abandonments to happen whatsoever, I just merely pointed out that your information was misleading. I seem to have touched a nerve here... More slander, surprise surprise! It takes to tango fellas, remember that before pointing your fingers!

warwickshirefan (UK) - Posts: 7 - 07/11/2014 18:35:20    1670552


Also Hagan, why would you want to eliminate the current county champions? You just sound like a very sore loser!!!!

warwickshirefan (UK) - Posts: 7 - 07/11/2014 18:38:32    1670553