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An additional idea on my previous comments on the league div issues . How about having play offs between bottom of div 1 v top of div 2 to decide who remains in div 1 and the same for bottom div 2 v top of div 3 to decide on who goes into div 2 with no walk overs allowed . It just would make it a fairer method of doing things in my view ; surely the league issues needs to be discussed at co board level so clear and transparent rules can be adopted going forward and clubs are fully aware of the rules and that walk overs in league finals should not be allowed unless for genuine reasons

Harp46brum (UK) - Posts: 148 - 04/09/2014 20:53:19    1648162


It's all been discussed at board meetings - every point that's been made. Promotion / relegation play offs are an obvious solution. This was suggested by the four masters delegate, but was shot down, with o'rahillys being the main opposition. Eventually it went to a vote and was voted out.

Hman (Donegal) - Posts: 111 - 05/09/2014 15:26:08    1648462


Thanks for the clarification on the league issues raised but I am sure that the decisions were made before n Padriag non show in the league final as it has made a real mockery of the whole thing in my eyes . How can a team with such a superior points advantage in the league programme then decide not to take part in the league final What a joke but then if my memory serves me right it is not the first time that n padraig have given walk over in big sfc matches in the last couple of years ! It needs to be addressed by the co board as it is spoiling a very good league programme this year but the play offs would be the best way forward in my view and I cannot see why Corby were so against the idea ? Maybe they had grand ideas of winning division 3 this year who knows?

Harp46brum (UK) - Posts: 148 - 05/09/2014 18:18:25    1648555


very disappointed in the no show from Casements in the Reilly final replay tonight. Is this competition cursed?

your.right (Longford) - Posts: 74 - 05/09/2014 19:17:28    1648584


Its been very quiet on here over past few weeks!!

Its semi final weekend and I expect to see 1 good game anyway. Macs and casements will be a bruising encounter with a lot of scores to settle. I wouldn't be surprised if we seen the black and red cards flashed several times. With this in mind I would favour Casements to succeed as they look to have a stronger bench. Macs weakness this year is their forwards and with casements defence being very strong I expect the game to be close with the boys from Coventry edging it by 2 points.

As for the second game as I have previously stated we will only have 1 good game and unfortunately I don't think its going to be this one. Mitchels the most professional outfit in Warwickshire at the minute will win this at a canter without having to get out of 2nd gear. For me they are a force to be reckoned with in the All Britain stages. Barnabas were lucky to get through the last game and looked toothless against lower league opposition. I fear for them with garvey, molloy, jlo all playing in a different league. Mitchels by 10+

carpenter (Wicklow) - Posts: 100 - 09/09/2014 17:46:37    1650247


I also feel that the semi final between macs and casements will be the pick of the matches on Sunday which should attract great numbers at pnh.

I agree that it will be a feisty affair and it will need a good strong referee to keep things in check but I feel that If macs do not get any black or red cards , that they will sneak home as result of their sfc expertise and never say die attitude so macs to win by 3 and mitchells to ease into their third sfc in a row with 8 to 10 points to spare.

Finally finbarrs to win the division 3 final and I assume that they will then be promoted to Div 2?

Harp46brum (UK) - Posts: 148 - 09/09/2014 18:25:56    1650271


It has been a great year in Warwickshire in terms of the league structures EGB fielded all their games so that was a start and all games were competitive but this was merely because Mitchels have been putting out scratch teams mainly due to all their stars not being around for most games in the league so everyone was on a even playing field. But this is now the business end of the season and all these boys are back in town. Casements will beat Macs by 6 or 7 points due to the fact that this is a very average Macs team. Casements have to much pace in both defence and attack for a Macs team who look like they don't train. Ultimately the key person is going to be the ref in this game. As for the second game not much to say really, as the boys twitters page says Barnabas are going to be #garvoed.. Mitchels are too strong all over the park, Mitchels by 15 points.

magic_johnson (Cork) - Posts: 181 - 09/09/2014 21:24:14    1650353


I hear that Macs have 3/4 new fellas in for the semi final so could be a very different team. I also heard that casements are missing a couple of lads who played early rounds of the championship with a few away in Australia again so I can see Macs getting a result in this one. Agree that Mitchels will have plenty to spare against Barnabus.

tommy g (None) - Posts: 171 - 11/09/2014 09:07:38    1650809


Don't believe the hype about Mitchels, game with Casements could have gone either way, scrambled over the line against 13 man McDermotts and EGB should have put them away.

Barnabas will give them a game, especially if they bring one or two back like they did for Macs, and they will have a battle against Casements or Macs in the final.

Think Casements will win the other, Macs very fortunate to still be in the Championship but you can never write them off.

Lethal (Derry) - Posts: 281 - 11/09/2014 09:55:36    1650831


Casements have to be favourites after beating Macs earlier in the championship and in the league this year. Never write Macs off, although I doubt any team could draft in '3/4 new players' as tommy g claims. Which lads have gone to Australia tommy?
Mitchels will win easy but it wont be 10-15 points.
Casements by 2
Mitchels by 5

halfbackward (UK) - Posts: 76 - 11/09/2014 15:17:34    1650982


The mention of new players for macs at this late stage of the season could spell danger for casements who on paper look a very strong team. But I think a macs team buoyed by a great home crowd behind them will be too strong for the Coventry boys but it will be close.

Any word on who will be referee? Might be worth getting an outside ref from say london to officiate as there will no love lost and the challenges will be flying in hard & fast as what you would expect in a sfc semi final. But I am worried that if off the ball incidents/professional fouls/illegal blocks are not stamped out early in the match it could spoil the match as a spectacle to a large crowd @ pnh on Sunday.

It would be great to see top quality football being play on the County on Sunday.

Harp46brum (UK) - Posts: 148 - 11/09/2014 18:33:32    1651075


Transfers are on the website - shows macs have brought in a few new boys in last month. As for casements i was told one of their better forwrds has gone back to austalia and a few of their students have finished and aren't back. remember when casements beat macs in championship macs were missing at least 3/4 of their starting 15. i would expect it to be tight. surely it will be Mark Mcloughlin reffing the game?

tommy g (None) - Posts: 171 - 12/09/2014 09:27:30    1651202


I can see JM dispatching of Barnabus quite comfortably this Sunday, as Barnabus have looked poor for their standards in this years sfc, and Mitchell's have been beating whatever's put in front of them.

However I think the pick of the games this weekend is macs v casements. This is going to be a real barn buster and I think it will be tight and come down to a few individual performances. I think young O'Sullivan for casements has a great head on his shoulders, and looks wise beyond his years. If he can keep Owens quiet, that could be the game for the Coventry side.

Casements by 3
JM by 7

TheCiarraiOne (Kerry) - Posts: 7 - 12/09/2014 11:15:11    1651263


Casements will win comfortably, especially if Hayden is still injured.
If Friel keeps Enda quiet, Garvey will be starved of the ball making it a much closer game. Still think Mitchells have the upper hand as a whole and Barnabas are lucky to still be in the championship.

Casements by 7
Mitchells by 5

TakeTheHit (UK) - Posts: 98 - 12/09/2014 13:53:50    1651325


Can only see wins for McDermotts and Mitchells in the SFC and St Finbarss in Div 3 final. The two biggest clubs in the county will meet again in the final, both teams coming through fairly comfortably. Hopefully we'll get two good battles. Big weekend for the boys on the gate. I wonder what random prices we'll be paying? £2 a head? £3 a head? £10 a car. Who knows...

square_ball_ref (UK) - Posts: 127 - 12/09/2014 17:13:27    1651423


It has to be £3 for Sunday and then they can charge £5 for the final surely.

I also agree that it will macs v mitchells to make it their third final in a row.

But macs will need to be at their disciplined best v casements as they cannot afford to lose any players to the line.

It will also be interesting to see where the new players will be placed in the team at the expense of lads that have been playing all year .

Any word on the referee as he could be the most vital part of Sunday,s clash.?

Macs to win by 3 Mitchells by 7

Harp46brum (UK) - Posts: 148 - 12/09/2014 18:22:13    1651446


The ref is down as D Heffernan. Must be an outside ref.

your.right (Longford) - Posts: 74 - 12/09/2014 18:47:33    1651457


Any word on how the junior final played last night between macs v mitchells went ?

Harp46brum (UK) - Posts: 148 - 14/09/2014 10:44:04    1651809


Macs showed all their sfc battling spirit to overcome casements today and now await their opponents in another sfc final for the macs

Macs may regret the 2 red cards today to vital players in their team who will now miss the final on the 28th at 415pm.

I cannot believe that the admission today was £5 for semi finals and IFC final which finbarrs won to complete an impressive treble this season

Will it be £10 for the final ?

Surely the co board are not short of funds but hopefully the revenue made will pay towards hot showers being installed to all changing rooms and general refurb is way overdue in my view!?

Harp46brum (UK) - Posts: 148 - 14/09/2014 18:21:21    1651938


Man on the gate said it was £5 today and for the final. Macs showed impressive battle today, JM didn't need to get out of 2nd gear today and did the job. JM also won the final yesterday I believe.

square_ball_ref (UK) - Posts: 127 - 14/09/2014 20:00:17    1651965