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Match called off?

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Lads will someone please tell me what happened at the Ballingarry match, wer hearing all sorts of stories down here, and yes before ye say it I know we should be thinking about our own problems, Im just curious??

waitingsince73 (Limerick) - Posts: 188 - 19/04/2010 19:39:46    622528


the ref was beaten with hurls by a carrick davins player.disgraceful stuff worst seen in a long time

bigman2 (Tipperary) - Posts: 1202 - 19/04/2010 20:51:53    622677


Full support here for Willie.No Ref or Umpire in any sport should be attacked like that.The rules are there and should be enforced when something like this happens.Keep reffing Willie.

bstn_tom_tribe (USA) - Posts: 24 - 20/04/2010 12:28:33    623177


just saw the video on youtube that is a disgrace....that man should be locked up for what he did...just opened the shoulders and pulled on him!

lowerormond (Tipperary) - Posts: 1267 - 20/04/2010 21:23:45    624040


why does this type of thing always happen in tipperary?

ondabutton (Galway) - Posts: 221 - 21/04/2010 13:11:39    624465


Ondabutton your comments are not welcome here. I would like to have the MOD block your link into the Tipp Site. I wont even get started on Galway but I like to keep these comments to myself. Whatever you have against Tipp is your own business but do not come onto the Tipp site & wasting people's time with utter rubbish like you just posted. Now get off this page unless you want to talk hurling matters.

WildPundit (Tipperary) - Posts: 1645 - 21/04/2010 15:10:48    624646



Stupid comment of the month goes to you!!

galwayfan (None) - Posts: 747 - 21/04/2010 15:40:31    624699


see for yerselves...


love4gaa (Tipperary) - Posts: 4 - 21/04/2010 15:56:30    624728


His not like genuine Galway people I know. Banter is ok but his comments are very personal.

WildPundit (Tipperary) - Posts: 1645 - 21/04/2010 16:24:14    624779


ondabutton would I be right in saying that it is only a few months since the mullagh loughrea debacle happened? Grow up and take a look at your own county first. I'm sure no tipp men condone what happened.

maigh_eo (Mayo) - Posts: 1346 - 22/04/2010 17:57:03    625977



Least it wasn't players attacking the ref like in galway. Seriously lad stop embaressing yourself!! These sort of incidents are on the increase all over the country

Hag_and_Cheese (Tipperary) - Posts: 6103 - 22/04/2010 19:26:10    626068


lads i saw the video there. a disgrace to both teams in volved for not controlling the matter, in my opinion they should be thrown out of the championship, we don't haave thar carry on in galway. it is giving the gaa a bad name what happened

cccconorrrr (Galway) - Posts: 64 - 23/04/2010 11:53:33    626630


I believe the Irish Times did a survey on indecent incidents in club hurling around Ireland in 2008. The largest incident to club ratio for hurling was found to be in Tipperary and by a distance I may add. This is how the renking turned out,

1) Tipperary
2) Roscommon (This was mainly due to the fact they have very few clubs)
3) Dublin
4) Kilkenny
5) Cork
6) Westmeath
7) Limerick
8) Waterford
9) Galway
10) Wexford

Please dont talk to me about Galway hurling when this proves Tipperary club hurling is bordering on turmoil.

mmmmmmmm (Galway) - Posts: 343 - 23/04/2010 11:54:29    626635


i watch wwe wrestling and what i saw on that video would be fitting for a wrestling match, how come the tipp hurling board let this sort of carry on go un-noticed, poor willie barret, have the tipp people no shame in hitting an ex county ref for doing his job?

yohanvandersmut (Sligo) - Posts: 191 - 23/04/2010 11:56:14    626637


the ref in galway (christy helebert) wasn't touched, and the video proves that, the video of willie barret shows a tipp thug walkin on like a coward and hitting an unsuspecting person from behind them walkin off. big man he is, i'd expect nothing less from a tipp man!

ceolaguscraic (Galway) - Posts: 49 - 23/04/2010 12:00:30    626650


mmm i read that article, they said the main problem was too many people on the sideline that have nothing to do with the match, like the tipp coward in the video for example.

cccconorrrr (Galway) - Posts: 64 - 23/04/2010 13:44:36    626863


What the hell do you mean unnoticed.... The county board has given protection to ref's and deal with refs reports effectively, I do not condone what happened and it shouldn't happen. But for everyone to start saying tipp are to blame for this is a bit nieve. Do ref's report all incidents to the degree they do in tipp also has a lot more clubs than a lot a if counties so proportionally are their as many incidents. Also The galway incident players had bans reduced by so much the the ref's were actually going to go on strike.

Willie Barret has come out thanking everyone for the support he's got so don't tarnish everyone with the same brush.

My dad was a ref and got assualted after a game in the 80's the tried to sweep the incident under the mat but the dose not happen now adays. Terrible thing for the carrick davins club too after being promoted to senior for the first time in their history last year. Criminal charges should be brought aganist that "fan"

Hag_and_Cheese (Tipperary) - Posts: 6103 - 23/04/2010 15:10:01    626975


Tipperary are trying to curb this another carrick team (carrick davins) had 4 players banned for 2 years after an incident in a match tell me that isn't taking a hard line!!!!

Hag_and_Cheese (Tipperary) - Posts: 6103 - 23/04/2010 15:15:05    626987


Can we get a copy of that article????This is just one mindless thug out of a whole county.In Galway last year it was a couple of players who were involved with an incident with the referee. The Tipp Co.Board cannot stop every mindless person running onto the pitch during club matches. The security at club games in any county is minimal & when you look at the bigger picture for example fans are always getting onto the pitches in our national stadiums when they are advised not to & with even bigger security. This incident is not stand alone in Tipp & every genuine Tipp supporter in GAA condones this mindless thug but just because it happend in Tipp & there are some mindless people on this site who will milk the situation to see what kind of a reaction they get. Im sure the CB along with the Gardai will have this thug barred from GAA for life. The more people like this that are banned the less more of this type of incident we will see. Refs are only human at the end of the day & do make mistakes but the GAA has always said they will stand by the refs so now is the time for them to show us what way they can deal with this type of situation.

WildPundit (Tipperary) - Posts: 1645 - 23/04/2010 15:22:03    626995


Copy of what article???

mmmmmmmm (Galway) - Posts: 343 - 23/04/2010 15:51:01    627031