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Match Against Wicklow

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Any views on the last match of the season on sunday. This season has been a mixed bag after last seasons excellent run. Just missed out on promotion. A victory would be a nice way to sign off with the championship around the corner.

Jack L (None) - Posts: 2825 - 05/04/2011 18:09:27    904358


The lack of response here would be an accurate sign of the level of interest in the Clare football. I would be very suprised if they were to beat Wicklow. I think the Clare footballers hit a new rock bootom last weekend, losing to Fermanagh who were missing over half their starting 15.

I usually try and stay positive about Clare football, but after seeing that result I was absolutely shocked! I would be inclined to think that the current team would struggle to beat a club team in some of the stronger counties! If someone can prove me wrong please do so!

What are the Minors like this year? I see that they are playing Cork in championship shortly? We desperately need a sucessfull underage team!

clarefootball92 (UK) - Posts: 76 - 07/04/2011 08:40:27    905691


I would agree with you with respect to the lack of response here being a fair guage of the lack of interest in clare gaa at the moment. I would not however go so far as to say clare football has hit a new low after losing to Fermanagh away who are by no means a bad team regardless of whether they were down a few or not. I have heard that the minors are without star player Tony Kelly who has decided to stick to the hurling and he will be a massive loss to them. Gearoid O Connell has also decided to concentrate on the hurling and is also a loss though not half as much as Kelly. Cork are obviously the overwhelming favourites to beat Clare on wednesday but our boys have nothing to lose and could cause an upset if they give it their all for the 60 mins. What a big minor football win would do for Clare football!

lintis (Clare) - Posts: 3 - 07/04/2011 15:15:02    906126