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New Carlow Jersey??

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Realistically will the new jersies have any impact on Carlow's season. "If only the CB invested money in decent jersies then...."

Jack L (None) - Posts: 2810 - 10/01/2012 21:39:43    1091567


It's the Rapparees hurling jersey from Wexford

St.John (Carlow) - Posts: 202 - 10/01/2012 21:40:42    1091568


To be fair Jack L, there is plenty of threads on here discussing all facets of Carlow GAA. This is a fairly light-hearted thread, none of us talking about it really think the jersey makes one iota of difference (unless Liam Hayes has an account on here) but still people have an interest in it and it deserves a discussion.

St.John (Carlow) - Posts: 202 - 10/01/2012 21:46:36    1091575


Lads, on a slightly related note:

Did Carlow line out in Nowlan Park a few years ago in the James Stephens jersey? I seem to remember it happening but memory is a bit hazy. From what I gather the county jerseys weren't on the team bus when the team arrived in Kilkenny. It was around the time the GAA had us in the Intermediate B or the like

St.John (Carlow) - Posts: 202 - 16/01/2012 19:27:01    1094622


lads will someone please tell me is d new carlow jersey out in shops yeah?

Ballon4Life (Carlow) - Posts: 102 - 16/01/2012 19:58:11    1094650


Didn't see it anywhere over the weekend anyway

St.John (Carlow) - Posts: 202 - 16/01/2012 21:14:35    1094769


Yes St.John ,this is true,we were playing Kildare,think it was back in 2000.

fergie (Carlow) - Posts: 1102 - 17/01/2012 11:04:06    1094914


I was thinking it was Kildare. Thanks Fergie

St.John (Carlow) - Posts: 202 - 17/01/2012 11:28:34    1094937


Looks like someone was listening to the feedback

St.John (Carlow) - Posts: 202 - 03/02/2012 16:07:11    1105009


Easily the best looking county jersey out there!! The crest is scandalous though.

Bosco (Carlow) - Posts: 664 - 03/02/2012 17:17:17    1105069


Just after been on the O Neills website and the new Carlow jersey is available to buy there.For 47 euro,which is strange considering they had the old one up for 60 previosly to that!

fergie (Carlow) - Posts: 1102 - 15/02/2012 09:43:14    1111881


My mistake,it is the usual price!!

fergie (Carlow) - Posts: 1102 - 15/02/2012 09:46:18    1111886