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Cushendall in the AIB Championship

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Winning at this level is'nt as easy as it looked 5 weeks ago when the "The Dall" beat Sarsfields. After that game everything seemed possible but unfortunately Sarsfields were so poor it was the worst preparation any team could have had. It left "The Dall" with no idea of what was coming steaming down the tracks. A much better way would have been to have met Na Pairsaigh in the semi final, they're a "poor" team in semi-finals, or so it was said a few years ago. Truth is, of course, nothing easy at this level. No respect shown in 2012, no respect earned now.
Safe journey home boys.

thetallgypsy (Antrim) - Posts: 97 - 17/03/2016 18:09:18    1835646


Not all lost thetallgypsy - I was in Cushendall last weekend and the buzz around the place was unreal - their hurlers have given the Glens a massive lift and while they will be disappointed that they did not really get going yesterday it has been a fine year for them and sometimes you have to be in one to win one. I think where Loughgiel faired better a few years ago is that they had already won one, albeit a generation ago, and as such that community knows and believes it can be done. Stepping out as a club side on All-Ireland day requires a lot of blinkers on, particularly for a parish team as the hype can be suffocating and sometimes teams get right into their stride, other times the game can nearly be away from a team by the time they get their second wind. I don't know if you watched the football yesterday but given 5 points is a bigger gap in football than hurling I would have said it was an even more one sided affair and again it was the team that settled right in that cruised home.

Naysayer (Antrim) - Posts: 2071 - 18/03/2016 08:27:03    1835697


Cushendall can be hugely proud of their club yesterday. Huge number of well behaved fans. Well done on being the second best hurling club in Ireland.

welpastit (Limerick) - Posts: 720 - 18/03/2016 11:15:04    1835746