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Lougheil's year?

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Well said Tom Moore,I don't understand why Cushendall show such animosity towards us,I suppose it must be the jealousy thing,we can't help having a big support,it says a lot for the club.By the same token,the bulk of Cushendall folk have no interest in their hurling club and it shows on final days,when they get there.In fact,when they were winning nothing,not so long ago, they seemed to have a bigger and friendlier support.

bushwhacker (Antrim) - Posts: 261 - 18/11/2010 17:59:46    819085


I don't get all the anomosity that goes on when it comes to supporting whichever of our teams gets in to the AI Club series. I've always shouted for whichever team gets through and will continue that trend this year. All this petty point scoring that goes on is ridiculous and needs to be put to bed. Yes a bit of local rivalry is healthy when its in our own League or Championship but lets not get carried away with the insults that fly about. We all have eejits within our clubs but I'd like to think they are in the minority though going by comments on these boards over time you do begin to wonder.

Come on the Shamrocks and do our county proud!

Offside_Rule (Antrim) - Posts: 3976 - 19/11/2010 09:46:07    819272


Jeez there is some god awful rubbish being spouted in this thread, Glensman, im sure your club is very proud of you, and even more proud of you bushwacker, cause as big a fool as glensman is, you are even worse, you are a complete idiot and its people like you why nearly every club in the county dislike the shams.

I thought as you winning your first championship in 500 years yous might mellow a bit, but sadly the opposite, yous are even harder to listen to.

btw, dont get carried away, it took Dunloy & the Dall to get worse before yous managed to win a championship. Do you think both teams will just go away?

Dunloy_Abu (Antrim) - Posts: 2 - 19/11/2010 10:44:52    819300


im the same with this debate. its a load of rubbish being spouted and ive sat and watched it and laughed my had off at both sides here coming out with such silly nonsense.

do your talking on the field people and not in the bars/internet forums where it counts for eff all.

loughgiel won it this year, deal with it. we have and couldnt care less, fair play to them as they deserved it this year on their performances. the past years they were good enough to win it but this year they were and ive no complaints about them winning it. i dont have to like it but thats life! lol

im looking forward to taking our championship back next year! you only have a lend of it this year for your dinner dance and pictures! lol :P

Dunloyrealist (Antrim) - Posts: 498 - 19/11/2010 11:25:02    819327


Dunloy Abu.........You would think that coming from Dunloy you would recognise a bit of good old fashioned **** stirrring,for you are fairly good at it.It's interesting that you consider the Dall idiot a lesser idiot than the Loughgiel idiot,you obviously haven't read some of his comments about Dunloy last year when you took them to the cleaners. By the way I was at every match that Dunloy played when they were involved in the All Ireland series,were you there I wonder,or were you lying about the Bridge waiting on the real supporters to get home.I would suspect that very strongly !!!!!

bushwhacker (Antrim) - Posts: 261 - 19/11/2010 11:59:21    819344


Hey Bushwacker- I am disappointed that you accuse me of being critical of Dunloy. Show me where. I have the greatest respect for them. Also for the Loughuile team, but not a sizeable majority of their supporters. Very ungracious, both in defeat and victory. And don't worry I have no problem in dealing with defeat. Be assured, you won't get as handy a chamionship next year...........

TheGlensman (Antrim) - Posts: 123 - 19/11/2010 13:46:01    819408


We'll see......we've more pressing matters to deal with before that.

bushwhacker (Antrim) - Posts: 261 - 19/11/2010 15:06:52    819469


There's an awful lot of pot calling the kettle black in this thread. Having stood amongst Loughgiel, Dunloy and Cushendall support for all kinds of matches, and attending clubs and pubs for championship winning celebrations in all three parishes, I'd have to say that the behaviour of all of the support is pretty much the same.

We all could drag up misbehaviour of all three clubs' support ad nauseum and get nowhere. Yes, some Loughgiel supporters are idiots, as are some of your support. Unfortunately it happens.

Seamroga (Antrim) - Posts: 62 - 19/11/2010 17:39:36    819580


Shamrocks are 16/1 outsiders for All-Ireland,but are the only previous winners left in contention.

bushwhacker (Antrim) - Posts: 261 - 24/11/2010 18:25:58    822232


toals are offering them at 18-1 at min

Dunloyrealist (Antrim) - Posts: 498 - 25/11/2010 10:37:01    822463


I think if anyone got they at 33/1 it was a great bet. They are now the same price to win it as they were to get to the final. I had few Haynes each way on they at 33's/ Got half the odds 1,2. Therefore im on them at 16's to reach the final. I think its gonna be a long winter and form will go out the window. It is there for the taking. Who ever trains best and has enough fight on the day will prevail. Very little in club matches at that level. Its all about hunger. Its a game of inches.

kdog15 (Antrim) - Posts: 197 - 25/11/2010 10:52:31    822468


but are the only previous winners left in contention.

lol bw your clutching badly at straws mate!

Dunloyrealist (Antrim) - Posts: 498 - 25/11/2010 16:34:01    822731


At least we have straws to clutch at.

bushwhacker (Antrim) - Posts: 261 - 25/11/2010 17:07:59    822782


you think we dont all know you have 'the bin yin'. ffs you have been telling us all about it for the past 20 odd years. yous remind me of england fans and your 'years of hurt' lol ;)

Dunloyrealist (Antrim) - Posts: 498 - 26/11/2010 09:27:10    823078


Dunloy realist............Get a life !!!

bushwhacker (Antrim) - Posts: 261 - 26/11/2010 13:54:02    823255


lol dont be getting all sensitive on us now BW.

Dunloyrealist (Antrim) - Posts: 498 - 29/11/2010 13:19:00    824455


A sensitive Shamrock supporter.........we're noted for both our sensitivity and especially our modesty.

bushwhacker (Antrim) - Posts: 261 - 29/11/2010 14:31:05    824508