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The farce known as International Rules

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What do these games prove? The Aussies send over a B-list team, we don't even have the Kerry players ! Do we want to see repeats of the violence we had a few years ago, that should have put a stop to this farce. If we played with the oval ball we'd be hammered out of sight, so what's the point?

bushwhacker (Antrim) - Posts: 261 - 15/10/2010 16:22:45    797353


None really as far as I can see. used to enjoy going down on a bus run/drinking marathon for one of the tests but don't anymore. If the players enjoy it then fair enough but really is a waste of time, means nothing and it's not even a proper sport in its own right.

srb (Antrim) - Posts: 344 - 15/10/2010 17:00:04    797392


'Not even a proper sport' - says who, you? once can laugh at this anti sentiments towards a game that is enjoyed by the best players on this island and many specatators in equal measures

johnanthony (Antrim) - Posts: 169 - 15/10/2010 17:17:10    797409


"if we played with the oval ball we'd get hammered out of sight, so whats the point"

^^aye good reason to end the international rules?

beat_er_in (USA) - Posts: 8 - 16/10/2010 19:18:33    797897


im all for the international rules , the one time we all get to unite and fight for eachother and prove what a wonderful game we have and how we can differ it and still overcome a far bigger nation.

saffman8 (Antrim) - Posts: 38 - 18/10/2010 14:33:05    798651


Well then,if we're so good we should play one game with the round ball and one with the oval ball,just to even things up.Would that not be a good idea?.

bushwhacker (Antrim) - Posts: 261 - 18/10/2010 16:39:25    798793


or else find a medium between the two games and play it like what has been done.

saffman8 (Antrim) - Posts: 38 - 18/10/2010 17:54:27    798885


I actually quite like bushwacker's idea!

ar_an_chnoc (Antrim) - Posts: 142 - 18/10/2010 18:09:24    798903


I think its fine the way it is. The Aussies have the luxury of training as a profession. Our lads have to fit their training around a hectic schedule! they are hardly gonna find the time to start practicing a whole new ball sport while many are still involved in club championships at this stage of the year anyway. I think your asking a bit much from a group of 'amateur' sportsmen who already train like pro's.

We won the last series, the aussies won the series before that which means that its a pretty even why change??

Topa_the_left (Antrim) - Posts: 250 - 18/10/2010 19:42:05    799001


I think that it is a good idea and good to watch

MG123 (Antrim) - Posts: 63 - 19/10/2010 10:25:58    799263


as for the title of this forum the rules are far from a farce and wouldtnt still be ging if th majority was against it

saffman8 (Antrim) - Posts: 38 - 20/10/2010 18:10:26    800524