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London finals weekend

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Chanceit, I think UniGaa's idea is to put a London "B" team into the NHL. So I presume he expects that they'd be managed and financed by the London county board. Now I can't imagine the county board would finance a 2nd hurling team. As far as I'm aware Dublin are the only county that have 2 teams in the league, and its fair to say they have a bit more cash than London GAA!
Also, the best intermediate hurlers in London are already on the county senior panel, so I don't know what the point of a 2nd team would be.

On Lancashire, I reckon they'll do well if they go ahead. Fullens are better than a lot of London senior club teams, and have acquitted themselves well in the All-Ireland series the last few years, so have no doubt they'd be a strong outfit in division 3b.

ArAisAris (UK) - Posts: 39 - 10/09/2014 18:43:35    1650715


The Last group game in the all britian is in mid october with the quarters and semis following on from this.The league and ronan cup still needs t be played off in london which will be done over the next couple of weeks, So teams will be playing into November unfortunately. hard to keep lads motivated for this to be honest at this time of year.

therubes (Cork) - Posts: 95 - 11/09/2014 09:38:25    1650815


ArAisAris - Fullen gaels are good no doubt, but not on the same level as senior clubs in London, sorry! They would be at the Fr Murphys(ish) level of promotion/relegation every other year...
Will they win the British Champ, yes I think so, and I'd say with a bit to spare, but not correct to say they are on par with London Senior Teams - Kilburn, Gabriels, Emmets, Traceys and Pearses!

chanceit (UK) - Posts: 38 - 11/09/2014 11:51:35    1650886


Intermediate Hurling final replay tomorrow, hoping its as good as the drawn game.

Rosineri1 (UK) - Posts: 2013 - 12/09/2014 10:30:37    1651233


what's the craic with the All-Ireland club games this year? Will they be played in Ireland since Ruislip is shut?

scruff (UK) - Posts: 467 - 12/09/2014 11:11:44    1651261