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I've seen Oisin's this year and they didn't look too hot to be honest

mylovelyhorse (UK) - Posts: 36 - 24/09/2014 17:55:52    1656652


Butcher the ref usually does have a massive say in proceedings as it is well known that one or two of 'lancashires finest' have a deep disliking for the liverpool club and have made that fact well known over the years. I'd be happy to see Shane Walsh ref it, best man for this particular game and always fair.Im gonna say mitchels +8.

Nipper (Donegal) - Posts: 92 - 24/09/2014 20:46:00    1656741


Surprised to hear that Oisins are in the final. Had them down as the 4th best team in the county.

My sources tell me that Mitchels are flying and have comfortably beaten everyone in the county all year, I'll go for Mitchels by 8 although I'm told if George O'Rourke togs out it could be a lot closer.

BigTom2050 (Tipperary) - Posts: 289 - 26/09/2014 16:11:01    1657274


would you like to explain yourself big tom?

UniGaa (National) - Posts: 694 - 26/09/2014 16:44:46    1657290


This is an intriguing encounter between the best two teams in the County this year. Many seem to have dismissed Oisins chances already, but they are there after accounting for the best of the rest, make no mistake they are there on merit and won't be going in to make up the numbers. However, it is difficult to look past the experience and quality of JM. Oisin have a few big and mobile men around the middle and may contest well there, but they have no-one up front that will cause McGurk too many problems... and have they the quality at the back to shut out the likes of Molloy? I'm not convinced.
So all things considered I will never write the Manchester off completely, but for the sake of making a prediction it is hard to see past the quality of Mitchels.

Looking forward to this one... Nothing beats being there!

Mitchels by 4.

Yer Man (None) - Posts: 286 - 27/09/2014 17:27:19    1657486


Well, well, well, it was so close for Oisin's yesterday. Not the best of games that's for sure which often happens in finals. JM started the better and deservedly went off at half time with a 4pt lead. Both teams worked hard and left little space for either forward lines. Scores from play were at a bare minimum which left at times a tough game to watch. A hard 1 to call for me as defenders often don't get the credit they deserve for doing there job, but anyway…

The 2nd half started a little brighter for the Oisin's men as they gradually thought there way back into the tie. As you would expect the players could not keep up the same defensive intensity, as they tiered gaps started to appear and the game opened up. The JM black card and red card definitely gave the Oisin's men that little bit more space and eventually 3 minutes into injury time got the goal which put them a point in front and in the lead for the 1st time in the match. It looked for all the money in the world that they had sneaked a victory after so much hard work and effort clawing there way back into a match which they were not expected to win.

But it was not to be as JM thought back to there credit. The Oisin's defensive shape which had been the bed rock of there come back seemed to disappear. They still had another fantastic goal chance which could have seen them home but it was not to be.

If Oisin's can use this as a stepping stone for next year they have the makings of a team that can challenge for a good few years to come, the game could have gone either way. They have made great strides forward this year that's for sure, lets hope they can go that extra little step now. They were so close and with just a little more composure yesterday we may well be saying well done on a County Championship victory today. I think that JM's experience in these big finals just saw them through. Credit to them in the end and good luck in the All Britain…

Mancirish (UK) - Posts: 2191 - 29/09/2014 12:45:43    1658033


A great win for the Lancashire Champions John Mitchells at the weekend proving that they can yet again compete and win not only in Britain but in Ireland as well!

Lancashire clearly is the strongest Junior County as they are consistently winning the All Britain and their champions have often continued to progress when playing teams from Ireland.

Lancashire as a County has a number of very strong teams in and around Manchester and they would very likely compete with any other County Junior team. Merseyside has grown fast and has consistently produced the All Britain Champions. New teams have sprouted in St Pats & Wolftone, is it time to split the 2 areas for the Championship so 2 teams can qualify from the North West for the All Britain?

Mancirish (UK) - Posts: 2191 - 02/12/2014 12:43:43    1675939


No, you need at least 6 teams (6 teams being the very least) of similar standard otherwise it makes for a boring championship with the same winners year in year out. Id leave it as it is, obviously its a competitive county and breaking it up might damage that!

hawkeye82 (Kerry) - Posts: 202 - 02/12/2014 13:16:40    1675957


Lancashire GAA:
Congratulations to John Mitchells on again winning the All Britain Football Championship. I hope they make it to Croke Park and win outright. Playing a quality side like John Mitchells will have done North London Shamrocks the world of good and they will be all the stronger for 2015.
No one would disagree with your statement that Lancashire is dominant at junior level. They are fortunate in their clubs in being mainly in two huge nearby conurbations and perhaps as importantly well away from the pull of London.
Whilst applauding Lancashire we should always remember a county like Gloucestershire with its clubs tens of miles away from each other resulting in games and journeys often being a whole day affair.
Hertfordshire's close proximity to London means the capital will most of the time capture any quality players living close to the M25. Perhaps setting something like a 5 year plan and adhering to it might help. That might include securing their own pitch, something presently being addressed by a committee from the Board.
Warwickshire have no such excuses and should be co-favourites with Lancs to win the club Championship each year.
One can't but applaud the GAA in Scotland for the standards they set. Each year their club championship holders come south and their displays always allow them to hold their heads high in victory and defeat. A few years ago there was talk of securing fine pitch facilities near Glasgow. Hopefully, there is progress.
It should not be just a pipe dream that every county should aspire to having its own county grounds. Still it is only one factor and better overall planning, communication, publicity and leadership could all also make football (and hurling) more attractive to players and followers. Not forgotten should be the importance of retaining "home grown" payers. This would be greatly helped by GAA affairs and games always being conducted in a professional manner. As the Head teacher might say "could do better".
A bit of digression but in the context of all counties getting in the frame to have their champions outright All Britain winners perhaps widening horizons might do some good.

ballagoballa (UK) - Posts: 42 - 03/12/2014 10:19:39    1676211