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Canon Stritch Cup

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This was a competition that clubs from England, Scotland & Wales entered. Its been a good few years since it was disbanded.

Anyone else like to see it revived?

It could be split into a southern and northern section with clubs from Warks in the Northern section.

The All Britain club championship is a great competition and I'd like to see more of these matches.

TheWestIsAwake (UK) - Posts: 529 - 03/10/2013 14:02:13    1494415


was a great tournament back in the day, could it be fitted in?

maybe throw some of the top college clubs into it ?

UniGaa (National) - Posts: 694 - 03/10/2013 14:30:57    1494465


I'd like to think a competition like this would enhance the chance of the winners of the All Britain Championship causing an upset further down the line.

From a Lancashire point of view it would probably mean the end of Pennine League but that would depend on how many clubs would enter the competition. Without sounding disrespectful to the other clubs there is probably 4 clubs in Lancs and 2 clubs in Yorks who are a standard above the rest. Like the Pennine league this could be played on a divisional basis.

Outside of London I think Warks has the most clubs and they appear to be the only County who play more games than the Lancashire clubs so I'd imagine it shouldn't be to much of a problem for the clubs in Scotland, Yorks, Herts & Gloucester. Others may tell me this is incorrect though?

Perhaps to get the competition you could have 4 groups of 3 teams. Every club plays one home and one away game. The winners of each group go into a semi final. Each team would play a minimum of 2 games and a maximum of 4. It wouldn't cause to much disruption to the season and it may provide the County players with adequate preparation for the All Britain.

Introducing the college's would be a good idea but given the time of year the College's might be to strong for the clubs who would only be beginning their seasons, you might provide a better insight into this UNI GAA.

TheWestIsAwake (UK) - Posts: 529 - 07/10/2013 13:32:03    1497056


i would go for a mckenna cup style competition in feb\march to give the clubs a decent opposition to kick off the season with

we have moved the championships back to march for this year so there may be scope in the calender

i will be at next provincial meeting if the subject is raised no harm in speaking on it

some clubs are integrated with colleges and vice versa but not all are it would be a positive move in more ways than one

UniGaa (National) - Posts: 694 - 07/10/2013 13:59:49    1497080