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I recently moved over from Ireland. I am currently living in Brentwood in Essex but working on the M25 between j22 and j28.
Im hopping to start Hurling and football training in August.
I had a cruciate knee operation last August and have been in recovery from that but should be back playing by next month.
If there is a club that would suit my location Id love to get back training again.
Any suggestions or ideas are greatly appreciated.

thady (UK) - Posts: 1 - 29/06/2013 12:16:23    1418077


North London shamrocks(Football) train 5 minutes drive from Junction 25 on the M25. Look up for all contact details.

DodgyDan (UK) - Posts: 22 - 29/06/2013 12:40:24    1418094


if your in Brentwood McCurtains will be your nearest team 15 min drive and we have a few lads based in Brentwood, have a hurling and football team. For more info just email [email protected] or check Thomas McCurtains on facebook and twitter

Rosineri1 (UK) - Posts: 2013 - 01/07/2013 09:12:28    1419840


6min from junction 21a glen rovers watford train tuesdays and thursday night 7.45 we have a few lads working on that strecth aswell,
Oxhey Park,
Wiggenhall Road
Watford, Herts
WD18 0HS

if you fancy it always welcoming new players

lovethegame88 (Kerry) - Posts: 21 - 02/07/2013 20:40:34    1422135