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So, what's going on in Yorkshire?

Things seem to be going from bad to worse for football in Gods own county, the standard seems to have been on the wane for a few years now and this year Lancs have pulled out of the Pennine League.

- Still no decent facilities anywhere in the county (At least Hudds have changing rooms but that pitch is a shocker after a bit of rain or in the wind)
- No coherent attempt at a county team
- A junior competition that changes format every year
- A senior competition that very few teams actually bother to show up for

Is there a plan to improve things or will we just meander on in the same old way?
Is there just not enough support for the game in Yorkshire- have all the lads that have traveled across recently ended up in Liverpool or Manchester?
Can a Yorks team compete with Cuchulains this year and progress in the All Britain?
Could the clubs work better together to progress the county as a whole?

YorksFootballer (UK) - Posts: 5 - 21/02/2013 09:14:23    1337010


The main problem in Yorkshire is the politics at the county board level, they allow the "favourite" teams to run the county and do not support any youth development, They have no idea about the modern problems clubs face. A major overhaul of the county board is needed, out with the old and in with the new. They need new ideas that they will stick to. Lancs had the same problem about 10 years ago and they got there heads together and sorted it out. Unless polityical diffrences can be put to one side in Yorkshire they will be no progress anytime soon

weeman09 (UK) - Posts: 5 - 21/02/2013 13:12:19    1337186


I tend to agree Weeman, I'm sure the current board mean well but there just doesn't seem to be any fixed long term plan for the County. All that seems to happen at county board meetings is a lot of infighting and point scoring by individual clubs.

Also I think that some clubs in the county try to avoid the challenge that has been laid down by the Newcastle lads in recent years rather than stand up and face it- hence all the changes to the junior competition. This doesn't make for a good culture, just a bitter one...

YorksFootballer (UK) - Posts: 5 - 21/02/2013 14:33:41    1337241


As far as I'm aware, each year people can put themselves forward to become part of the county board. This year there was very few (if any) new people put their names forward, so there you go fellas - I expect the pair of you to be putting your money where your mouth is next year, get involved and make the changes necessary to bring Yorkshire football in the modern era. Or maybe, it's you that are the problem - there's plenty who sit and gripe about things but never actually do anything and when asked to take on a role, look after under age or manage the county team, they run a mile. And just for the record, the Lancs clubs haven't pulled out of the Pennine League, it starts on March 3rd.

HospitalBall (UK) - Posts: 79 - 22/02/2013 12:45:53    1337757


Its not a case of people not trying to change things, It is a lot harder to get a posistion on the county board than you make out (Dont think clubs have not tried) To be a member of the board you need to be voted in (Obvious). But as above some clubs in Yorkshire are afraid of change and are happy for the "old guard" to remain and therefore continue to vote them in. Clubs have tried to take issues to the board especially regarding the underage however all the board seem to do it veto and plans for improvment. The attitude form some clubs is to do as little work as possible to keep the senior age gropus going. This is proven by poor showing in senior level take Newcastle out of the county and the standard is very poor. The underage does not exist even though the Development comitee is trying to rectify this the damage has been done a number of years ago when they introduced recrutment rules that ment players had to be signed for a team even if they do not field in that age group. To be blunt about the situation there are people on the board more intrested in getting All Ireland Tickets than doing there job and unless there is full suport from all clubs in the county this will not change, and some clubs are happy to accept the situation and unfortuantly the can make up a majority in a vote.

weeman09 (UK) - Posts: 5 - 25/02/2013 13:40:02    1338900


The Pennine League remains albeit in a reduced form. Both divisions have been divided into two groups with the winners going straight into the finals.
Games start on March 3:
League 1 Group 1 - St. Peter's v Hugh O'Neill's and St. Brendan's v St. Benedicts Harps - Hough End 1pm and 2.15pm.
League 1 Group 2 - Oisins v John Mitchel's (CuChulainns also in group) - Old Bedians 1pm.
League 2 Group 1 - Wolfe Tones v Bros Pearse (St. Anne's also in group) - Wavertree 1pm.
League 2 Group 2 - John F, Kennedy's v St. Lawrence's (St. Patrick's also in group) - Beeston 1pm.

Carnaross (None) - Posts: 189 - 27/02/2013 10:35:27    1339708


Well, not a good start to the Pennine League by the White Rose County... three defeats and a walk over. Such a shame that attempts to be competitive are stamped out by the county board.

YorksFootballer (UK) - Posts: 5 - 04/03/2013 13:34:17    1342394


What do we think of the Yorkshire championship so far? Been a while since theres been any chat on here. Disappointing to see HON unable to field for championship. That is a bad sign for the state of football in the county.

mylovelyhorse (UK) - Posts: 36 - 19/09/2013 16:02:41    1485194


Where is the championship up to?

TheWestIsAwake (UK) - Posts: 529 - 01/10/2013 15:41:04    1492851


Championship final - St. Benedicts Harps v Cu Chulainns at Beeston on Sunday, October 13 at 1pm.

Carnaross (None) - Posts: 189 - 01/10/2013 21:11:41    1493171