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Nostalgia from the past - underage 2000's

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When I look back at the 2000's it was never just about cementing a legacy on the Senior Circuit but also the underage infrastructure that we had in place and the success of our county teams, colleges and vocational school teams. In my personal opinion the tyrone minor team of 2004 and the vocational school team of 2005 was superbly talented and I think it's a shame that a few more did not kick on from this era. So I have decided to trawl through our conveyor belt of talent from 2003-2010 and put together what may resemble an alternative tyrone senior team. I have lost track of a few of these boys who are no longer on the tyrone club scene so if you can inform me on where they are, what they are doing that would be great.

1. Tim Harney (glenelly) solid net minder in 2008 team
2.Gavin Teague (ardboe) tenacious defender, comfortable across any defensive position, intelligent footballer 2008 team
3.paul Marlow (eskra) teak tough full back in 2004 team
4.Brendan Boggs (Owen roes) vocational schools captain in 2005, versatile defender.. Floated about senior panel for a few years
5.Martin Murray (cookstown) 2004 all Ireland winner and macrory cup winner. High work rate intelligent half back in phillip Jordan mould
6.Niall Kerr (coalisland) 2004 all Ireland winner- strong vocal presence, good reader of the game, liked a physical battle, probably lacked a yard of pace for top level
7.Niall sludden (Dromore) 2010 all Ireland winner- versatile and cultured footballer has still time on his side
8.Michael Murphy (galbally) 2006 under 21 captain ulster champs- recently left the panel, bewildered why he never quite made it
9.Shane o hagan (clonoe) 2004 all Ireland and macrory cup winner- horse of a man and really enjoyed the wide open spaces of croke park
10.Martin mccreesh (rock) 2006 under 21 winner , helped rock on their all Ireland journey- great footballer, long range points of either foot
11.Raymond mulgrew (cookstown) 2004 all Ireland minor winner - classy operator, trademark dummy, incisive kick passing and playmaker. Found the physicality too hard at senior. Shame!
12.Marc Cunningham (Killeeshil) captain of 2004 minor team, real talent.. Should have kicked on. Where is he?
13.Gareth devlin (stewartstown) nippy corner forward with an eye for goal
14.Damien McDermott (errigal) I thought daisy would have kicked on had real potential and at one point a potential heir to mr.canavan
15.Niall Mcginn (donaghmore) 2005 vocational school winner. Superb talent, now playing soccer with Aberdeen

16.Mark McReynolds (edendork) solid shot stopper, sub goalie
17.Shane mulgrew (donaghmore) quality corner forward, small and nippy with pace to burn
18.Diarmuid mcnulty (gortin) 2008 all Ireland winner quality half forward ,strong runner
19.Aidan gervin (rock) 2006 minor captain. A corner back who led by example
20.Ryan Pickering (cookstown) another intelligent defender in the tyrone mould, high octane and comfortable on ball
21.John Kelly (errigal Ciaran) 2004 all Ireland winner cultured footballer good target man
22.Harry og conlon (edendork) 2010 winner big midfielder who fielded very well
23.Shay mcguigan (ardboe) panelist on 2008 minor team- intelligent footballer from a well known family
24.Niall McKenna (donaghmore) 2008 panel winner- has the tools and pedigree although reservations over mentality and fitness
25.John Gilmore (cookstown) 2004 all Ireland winner- marauding half back
26.Niall Mcginn (eskra) 2004 all Ireland minor winner - great man marker in the ricey mould
27.Ciaran gervin (derrylaughan) all action half forward who could take a score. 2008 all Ireland winner

This is a panel of 27 but I could easily name more people who have perhaps fell short at seniors.
To me there seems to be a bridge between Minors and under 21s which allows some of these fellas to regress and stagnate.

Redhandveteran (Tyrone) - Posts: 30 - 20/04/2013 11:59:45    1370656


Good thread.

geoff (Tyrone) - Posts: 377 - 26/04/2013 09:01:39    1374004


Not a Tyrone man but really enjoyed reading your post redhandveteran, you obviously know your football. Sometimes learning from past mistakes can be hugely important.

idirandalinn (Donegal) - Posts: 155 - 26/04/2013 15:27:52    1374402


Good thread redhandveteran, I think Niall Sludden will make it,
a great player and as you said, he has time on his side.

TheGateKeeper (Tyrone) - Posts: 2843 - 26/04/2013 15:45:22    1374421


Good thread, what happened niall McKenna, was such a promising minor back in 08, ciaran gervin was another of the 08 team I thought would make it.

duke_raul (Tyrone) - Posts: 991 - 07/05/2013 12:59:46    1379879


Where is Marc Cunningham now? Would Brendan Boggs not be worth a place anymore on the senior panel? What about Pickering and Niall McKenna, how are they playing now?

geoff (Tyrone) - Posts: 377 - 07/05/2013 14:43:18    1379983


Tim Harney - 2008 Goalkeeper
Gavin Teague - 2008 Full Back
Kevin Mossey - 2008 Wing Half Back
Niall McKenna - 2008 Midfielder
Ciaran Gervin - 2008 Wing Half Forward
Diarmuid McNulty - 2008 Centre Half Forward
Conor O'Neill - 2008 Corner Forward, top scored in AI final replay with 1-3
Shea McGarrity - 2010 Winning Captain
Harry Og Conlon - 2010 Midfield
Richard Donnelly - 2010 Wing Half Forward
John McCullagh - 2010 Full Forward, Man Of The Match AI Final

Some of the players of the 2008 and 2010 teams that had massive potential but never fulfilled this potential at under 21 level or onto the senior team. Very dissapointing turnover from our underage teams to the senior grade.

tyronelegend (Tyrone) - Posts: 270 - 22/05/2013 11:37:55    1388816


The 2010 and 2008 captains both haven't knocked on to the senior team.

geoff (Tyrone) - Posts: 377 - 22/05/2013 13:18:31    1388911


I certainly though Niall McKenna would come through but it just has not happened. Major injuries to Kyle Coney and Ronan O'Neill show some of the pitfalls that can happen.

Byanthon (Tyrone) - Posts: 1644 - 22/05/2013 18:02:40    1389276


mc curry! 2010 (sub) ? u never know !!

reece (Tyrone) - Posts: 30 - 22/05/2013 20:00:10    1389352


I think to make it at senior grade, you firstly need the commitment in the long term. Mickey and his team take time to mould you to their philosophy and tactical plans. For a young player in the short term this can be quite disheartening and break you mentally as the lack of game time can be frustrating.
Secondly, you need to be blessed with a good physique. Some of the names mentioned were quality footballers at minor grade but stepping upto senior is a different ball game. You either need to be blessed with blistering pace to evade imposing opposition players ie jack mccaffrey Dublin or be have a great physique to get up and down the field like a yo-yo all day...

Out of the 2008 and 2010 players mentioned- Richie donnelly is the only one that has that physique to carry into senior football. I still believe in time Niall McKenna will line out at midfield for tyrone. He does need to work on his physique and stamina but a year away from inter county provides the perfect platform to rebuild the player's confidence out of the limelight. The head can get delicate when you are sitting on the bench and see no light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully sparky provides an example to all young footballers...

I think we as a county need to do more to develop these footballers after the minor grade. This may be through mentoring them about the pitfalls of university life or keeping a development squad for u-19/u-20 and play in house games. This would keep everyone on track from the minor age group with the collective ambition to win the under 21 all Ireland title and preparing them for sigerson football. It may even be a case of running collective strength and conditioning sessions to ensure that they have a developed physique for the adult game.

Redhandveteran (Tyrone) - Posts: 30 - 22/05/2013 20:13:25    1389362


Redhandveteran that is a very good idea. we have development squads from u14 to u17 but nothing after minor where we have problems getting players through to u21 and senior, burning out good players young but give no help when they are at their most vulnerable after 18. how about scrapping or scaling down the u15 squad to work together with u14s and divert resources to an u20 development squad to prepare them for u21 championship and the senior team?

CletusFox (Tyrone) - Posts: 9 - 23/05/2013 13:13:40    1389649


I have been really disappointed with the u-21 teams of late and the last two posts have thrown up some good ideas. You would think with the development processes in place and the innovative thinking that goes on in basically a professional organisation (Tyrone GAA), that there would be some kind of new thinking in place to handle the minor to u-21 grade.

geoff (Tyrone) - Posts: 377 - 24/05/2013 09:39:40    1390234


Not sure that creating another development panel is the answer...we cant talk about burn out in one breath and then talk about creating another development panel with the next...
A lot of youngsters are now going to college and if they are playing at county level then they will be playing football there too...on top of club and college you want to throw in a mid level development squad...not sure if this is the answer? The probability is that at 19 or 20 years of age they will be involved in the U21 panel so why do we need another development squad?
It is common place that a few individuals will go astray when they go to college, get out of minor level....the same problem exists in all counties. Our young footballers are better educated than any other county's and I dont think we are letting them down in that area...just my opinion!
I have read on here that we need to get the past Tyrone footballers involved in the Minors and more so the U21s...this was the way to go...Munroe was slated this year and unfairly in part...but I never heard one person mention that 2 past county players were heavily involved with the U21s this year and they made a lot of the decisions...we have to be fair and honest.
I believe that the past county players need to learn their trade within their clubs if they wish to get involved in team management, managing people is a lot different to playing football.
Back on subject, I dont think there is necessarily a simple answer to every question...why are our U21s not winning all in front of them...? I'm not sure but I am sure that a lot of other counties are probably asking the same question each year!

PastThePost (Tyrone) - Posts: 187 - 24/05/2013 09:58:04    1390260


Marc Cunninghams currently in Oz!

Corner_Sack (Tyrone) - Posts: 220 - 31/05/2013 16:58:24    1396107


Poor Niall sludden got a bad break, really was anticipating a call up to the senior team this year... Hopefully he will come back better and stronger!

Redhandveteran (Tyrone) - Posts: 30 - 20/06/2013 18:01:09    1411805