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Second Half Fade Outs...

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Again we saw the hurlers at it against Cork yesterday, the lads admittedly gave everything in a good first half performance but again as soon as a team gets a goal around the 50 minute mark we seem to fall apart.

Is it a stamina thing or is it a mentality / attitude problem whereby as soon as the opposition get a goal, heads automatically go down? As soon as one goal goes in opposition teams will get a few handy points within the following few minutes.

Yesterday we held them in the first half, we still in the game by 2-3 points with 15 minutes to go yet ended up losing by 11. If it's a fitness problem then surely Joe Dooley will need to use more than 3 subs in future games. If it's not a fitness problem then management and players need to look at where things are going wrong and ask why lads are 5 yards away from their marker for puck outs and frees.

Moving onto the positives, Diarmuid Horan and Conor Mahon gave impressive performances, Mahon looked very lively at times and ate up the ground when in possession of the ball, even if he was guilty of missing a decent goal chance in the 1st half with the scores level. Kenny was solid when he went to full back and looked comfortable under high balls inside the 21.

I hadn't seen much of Derek Morkan up till now, but yesterday he was excellent, his off the ball reading of the game was great and his ability to win ball was a big plus. Dylan Hayden also played very well on the other wing.

Another thing, what are people's opinions on Joe Bergins' best position? Yesterday at times it barely seemed like he was in the game, although it's fair to say his talent is wasted when he's stuck in a corner. Centre half back possibly?

To end on another optimistic note, the 11 point margin certainly flattered Cork, we hit some very poor wides just after Cork got their goal and that only made it easier for them to pull away.

wild_biffalo (Offaly) - Posts: 91 - 22/02/2010 19:08:33    570023


true , again we faded away when we should have been in contention to win game , not enough scorers in team . 1-11 wont win many games, why no s egan ? and why no new players introduced as subs , come on joe dooley ye wer been ran away from in last ten minutes , why not introduce new lads and see how they fare out . i hope he changes team about for next sunday , if we are flat the cats will skin us ,joe bergin should be left to play in one position and not moved into new spot every other game !

townblue (Offaly) - Posts: 35 - 22/02/2010 20:58:16    570282


The fade outs are a worry but I think it has more to do with a mental thing than a physical thing.

On the playing side I too have been impressed with Morkham. His reading of the game and decision making has been impressive so far. Definetly our best player so far. I wouldn't mind seeing Egan or Wynne getting a run at corner back. Rigney is a nice hurler but he is not a corner back. Wing back is prob his best position but they're are better players ahead of him.

Regarding Bergin I do think his best position is centre back. However he is not a particulary tight marker so that could work against him. I'd certainly try him there as he is a good reader of the game and can always pop up wth a few long range points.

If we can keep our composure, and not let the heads drop when things are going wrong, we have the ability to have a good year.

tonorio (Offaly) - Posts: 584 - 23/02/2010 10:34:27    570493


i agree with ye in sayin dooley should try some new lads or is he jus using them to make up numbers at training.....also we dont have any forward that can giv us couple scores in open play,even shane dooley is struggling with that side of things in fairness he only seems to be there for free taking but sure any forward can do that......then ya have bergin who cant play well every week he blows hot and cold,he suppose to be a natural hurler so he shud be able play time for joe to drop the well known hurlers to teach them a lesson that they automatically tink they deserve to start get there heads outta there h*les who do they tink they for the fresh faces i believe egan and wynne wud suit corner back with there pace and they will learn along the way as for healion at full forward????fergie daly mite not be well known but he got intermediate player of the year at full forward because no full back could live with him and before ye laugh sayin it was only intermediate dont forget healion was playing the same grade..

slyeye (Offaly) - Posts: 5 - 24/02/2010 15:21:07    571958


Healion was on the K/K team that played in the senior final. He probably hasn't played intermediate since he was 16

tonorio (Offaly) - Posts: 584 - 24/02/2010 16:19:06    572055


Healion played a couple of games intermediate in d summer when he came from Oz, but he was always going to play senior.

offalyhurling (Offaly) - Posts: 32 - 25/02/2010 09:02:18    572637