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Was in Clones yesterday on what was a disappointing day for Scoststown.

Not sure what happened them yesterday, they didn't seem to play on the day. They missed a lot of scores in both the first and second half and went long periods in the match without scoring. Very unlike them. The 2 Hughes were well marked by Kilcoo who seemed to have their homework done. Conditions weren't great, but were the same for both teams. As a fellow Monaghan man, it would have been nice for Scotstown to build on last years run in the Ulster Club.

Just wonder had the decision or announcement of Mattie moving to Cavan any bearing on the performance? Timing of this wasn't great, week of a big Ulster Club game.

Colinwell (Monaghan) - Posts: 30 - 17/10/2016 09:39:50    1926802


Poor shooting cost them yesterday - Especially by Rory Beggan who missed at least four 45,s all from central enough positions - also scotstown lacked quality up front with mc carthy been out - too often it was corner backs etc that had the ball in scoring positions but wernt able to score - 2 hughes tried hard but were well enough held -- kilcoo played defensive and had very slow patient build ups that often times yielded scores - scotstown on other hand rushed things giving often times 30/70% passes to a team mate - pity they lost as enjoyed following them last season - probably been selfish from a monaghan point of view its good as the hughes etc need some time off and rest - Mc Gleenan going to cavan wouldn't have helped the whole thing - Is Colin mc Aree the new Monaghan selector ?? who will take over scotstown now ? Heard the Intermediate final was dire yesterday

FrankAnnyalla (Monaghan) - Posts: 331 - 17/10/2016 10:12:17    1926823


Was at the scotstown game yesterday was a very disappointing result for scotstown weather conditions management maybe were factors it did not seem to go there way at all very poor scoring of wides but would not blame just one person Rory beggan as last post suggests he was not the only person kicking as for kilcoo they did not miss any chances at all and had there homework done in time we will know the scotstown management team all in good time scotstown will be back

Crazyhorses (Monaghan) - Posts: 68 - 17/10/2016 16:48:39    1927025


Intermediate final wasn't great rock left it behind them missed awful scores in 1st half again Niall mc Keown I thought was brilliant and deserves a run with Monaghan!! Jamie smith in goals also deserves his chance played well yesterday and some good kickin but maybe not be the most committed player from what I hear...thought scotstown would of went all the way this year with cross gone but the appointment of Cavan manger might of came at wrong time

Gooch22 (Monaghan) - Posts: 46 - 17/10/2016 18:13:16    1927057


Who do Blackhill face in Ulster ? has a date been decided?

MonaghanGlory (Monaghan) - Posts: 704 - 22/10/2016 00:03:37    1928267