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Delighted to hear MOR has agreed to stay on after a very disappointing championship season.

MOR has brought us to a new level and we now expect to compete with the best teams in the country each year. Achieving division one status last year was very important for this team and I hope he shakes up his background team to enable this team to kick on further. Dinky was mentioned previously but maybe key local men from other codes such as Barry Mc Guigan could help motivate the troops and provide some positive energy for the season ahead- ala Bernard Dunne. Within the code, I wonder if some involvement from Niall Moyna, Nudie and other greats (such as a goal keeping coach) would add to the set up too?

The absence of O Lennon has been a major blow for the team and not a lack of scoring forwards as the media would have you believe. I would like to see K Hughes be offered every opportunity at midfield from here on and provided with every support to mould him into one of the best midfielders to every play for us. There is a huge temptation to play Hughes at full forward in the USFC , to win ball in tight spaces, which should be resisted. Hughes should also stay away from the frees. MOR also needs to explore other options at MF and it would be good to get suggestions on big, mobile men around the county that should be brought in and given a chance to play there. That search and trials needs to start from now! Although we have not done too badly at midfield this year, there is too much energy expended trying to win short kick outs and to win the breaking ball, that is resulting in fewer scores up the field. I wonder if Drew should be tried or maybe J Mc Carron (not a huge man either) given that Mc Carron does not appear to have the explosive pace that appears to be required to now play in the full forward line, but has many skills such as great passing ability and accuracy and an ability to take scores - he is probably best placed to replace Jap in this team given his skill set and natural ability.

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This was posted as a new thread but is the second part of this thread so it has been put here.

Two of Two

I think D Hughes has virtually played at every line in the field for us in the last number of years which is a testament to his commitment to this team, but I would like to see him line out at CHB for us next year where I think he offers most potential, rather than try to fix problem positions in our team. MOR tried Hughes at FF and CHF, but the experiment has not worked. Ironically, Darren is likely to kick more scores for us you feel from CHB. Based on the performance of the big teams, our full back and half back line will have to kick more scores for us next year, and are well capable of bursting forward and contributing to the scoreboard (O Connell, Walsh, Hughes, Wylie's). I am sure I will get some stick for referring to the two Hughes brothers given their poor performances this year, but they remain key leaders for this young team.

Below my suggestions for 2017, and it would be good to hear some other ideas on how we should line out and what approach to adopt in the league. To compete with the big boys, our brightest young prospects such as Mc Carthy, Mc Anesbie, Mc Ginn wil require a good winter gym programme to bulk up to compete physically at senior level. I think the early exit this year should see a very hungry Monaghan team next year. With the proposed new championship format ahead, I think if we can get to the last eight we have a great chance of seeing some great performances. Hopefully we can also stay in Division 1 next year which will be very difficult but important for the development of this squad. The game I enjoyed most this year was the game in HQ in the league were we just went at it and there was very little negativity and mind games that we now come to expect in the USFC.

Beggan shot stopping ability needs to be improved as we need a keeper who will make some big saves like all of the other top 6 teams.
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The Monaghan panel will be back stronger and hungrier from 1to 15 all out deservedly so to prove why they have being there with the addition of new players in on the panel I for one looking forward to the new season with anticipation time to move on don't look back and hope we have learned from past mistakes and take nothing for granted the rest will have proved vital

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Realistically there won't be many new faces on the squad next year. Maybe 2/3 of the under 21 from this year. What we need next year is getting more from our quieter player's eg me kenna Carey Owen Duffy mc anespie, mc carton , it's these men that will win us the Ulster titles the unsung players.

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