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What did we learn from Sunday

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Great result on Sunday over Roscommon, However the game should not have gone ahead. The pitch was in a terrible state and luckily no player from either team picked up a serious injury. So what did we learn from Sundays game.
1. Center back is sorted. Colm Boyle had another brilliant game as centre back. Mopped up loads of possession and counter attacked well.
2. L Keegan has to play on the halfback line. Keegan had another good game and is definitely wasted at corner back if played there. He has to start on the halfback line.
3. Midfield is Strong. The one area that Mayo have an advantage over other teams is definitely in centre field. O'Shea and Parsons controlled the area and with Barry Moran to come back, it looks good.
4. Forwards are starting to click. Hats off to Evan Regan who really stepped up his performance on Sunday. It was great to see Cillian and Alan back. The work rate of S O'Shea and D O'Connor is massive. I believe that this is the last year we will see of Freeman and Doherty on the panel. I tried to defend Doherty a few weeks ago but it has seemed to have gone backwards / disappeared over the last few games.
5. Did Roscommon keep their powder dry? Were Roscommon holding back on Sunday knowing that they are safe in Div1. Did McStay decide that since there is strong possibility they could be playing Mayo again later on in the year, that he would make a few personnel and positional changes to disrupt the team momentum?
6. Is centre forward the place for Aidan? AOS had another strong game on Sunday. Even though I still think, we could utilise him more efficiently in full forward, he was strong in the centre of the pitch winning and holding ball. However, on the wide open pitch like croke park I think nearer to the goal would suit him more.

Giveitago (Mayo) - Posts: 86 - 29/03/2016 13:07:23    1838775


Another soft goal on Sunday, that's not sorted yet. why cant Mayo finish of a game, should have that game over by halftime, but as usual they were struggling to hold on at the end. Thought Freeman had a very good game and should be left at Full Forward with Regan and C O Connor , half forward line should be D O Conor with A O Shea and Kevin McLaughlin, with good subs for forwards in C O Shea , A Moran and M Sweeney.

culmore (None) - Posts: 1398 - 29/03/2016 15:31:57    1838868


Biveitago Mayo,
I must have been looking at another game, when you say the forwards are improving. Even taking into account the conditions the forward play from mayo was abysmal. No accuracy at all. Look at Gooch in Castlebar the previous week and see how a forward line is orchestrated. Dublin laos have a great forward line , thats why they are winning. Ours I am afraid is not going anywhere fast. Too many off form and still being left on. If we are relying of past players like alan dillon and andy moran to win all irelands we are not going to. my Opinion only

rober (Mayo) - Posts: 206 - 29/03/2016 17:23:11    1838954


Was impressed with some of the Roscommon supporters near me on Sunday - very informed - I learned a lot from them. One comment was that Mayo produce great athletes whilst Roscommon produce good footballers. I feel you need both to beat the likes of Dublin and Kerry. Both teams were not at full strength and the conditions definitely did suit Mayo. As a result Mayo were far superior and in actual fact this is my main worry. To be that superior and not have the game put away seems to be a repeat offence for Mayo. You could say that George Claffey had a great game as well. Should we meet later on in the year there better be more alert officials. What some markers, including Mayo ones, got away with on Sunday was ridiculous. Linesmen and umpires not watching the game at all.

sinabhuil (Mayo) - Posts: 170 - 29/03/2016 17:41:56    1838973


May I ask sinabhuil , what great footballers have Roscommon produced exactly?
This is an underhanded complement if ever I heard one. Just because a guy is a good athlete and has done gymwork, doesn't mean he cant be a great footballer too. Lee Keegan for example is arguably the most complete footballer in the country never mind as good as his roscommon counterpart. He can defend, man mark, attack, score, tackle, is strong in the air, is quick and is comfortable on the ball. If he was from Kerry they would be calling him the new tomas o'se. But I suppose he was just an athlete too..

They are only kidding themselves with that kind of talk, let them not be kidding you too.

TheMaster (Mayo) - Posts: 16187 - 29/03/2016 17:59:45    1838988


Wee question, is Evan Regan related to Sean Regan who plays hurling for Mayo. If I am right Sean's father is Johnny Regan who has a shop in Ballina and ex all-Ireland boxing champion. Add to that his uncle would be Niall Patterson the man between the posts when Antrim played Tipp in the all-Ireland final of 1989. Good pedigree if that is the case, Antrim could do with him too.

Brian_Coyote (Antrim) - Posts: 341 - 30/03/2016 13:58:35    1839244


Master - yes those type of comments are pure idiotic in my opinion . We have a few guys labelled as athletes , yet these lads are so comfortable on the ball.

What you's learned is that Mayo are the team to best in Connacht again .

TheRightStuff (Donegal) - Posts: 1688 - 30/03/2016 14:35:18    1839271


The Master. Fair comments. I did not say I agreed with them and I was not expecting them to be complimenting Mayo. Looked at the match again last night. Great shifts put in by Seamie, Tom and Aidan. Huge amount of ground covered. Keegan, Boyle and Cafferkey were excellent. Parsons could also be included in your 'footballers' category. Maybe the Rossies are believing their own press again. Indeed who cares what they think.

sinabhuil (Mayo) - Posts: 170 - 30/03/2016 14:52:01    1839285


What did we learn.....defended well except for the goal! We learnt that the mayo forwards, except regan who had a good game, couldn't hit water if they fell out of a boat! they should have been out of sight in the first half, conditions were bad but the shooting on show was woeful!

hawkeye82 (Kerry) - Posts: 202 - 31/03/2016 09:04:13    1839506


Learn from Sunday??? Nothing ...
Ye cant close out games, kick wides for fun, concede easy goals and are as far away from landing Sam as ye ever were....

VIEWFROMSTANDS (Australia) - Posts: 14 - 07/04/2016 19:39:29    1843227


Learn from Down v Mayo? (1) Defence is very porous. Conceding that last goal given Mayos precarious League position should have been unthinkable. (2) Lack of movement from forwards is forcing the midfield/defence to recycle leading to the frustration being voiced from the stands. I understand the need not to kick away possession or lash the ball in aimlessly, but we seem to have forgotten how to score. (3) Finally some of the team leaders (well one in particular) seem to have an elevated opinion of their status and would need to up their work rate. (4) The bottom line is that this team has fired their manager and like the Galway hurlers, have regressed in the wake of that action.

mod (Mayo) - Posts: 857 - 09/04/2016 10:30:43    1843691


We learned that so many followers don't appreciate the difference between early season league games where the important thing is staying in div 1 and the wider picture involving the preparation of a team for high summer. Thankfully most supporters and more importantly the management do see the difference and the team is prepared accordingly. So please lay off with the pathetic slagging of our least until you can put yourself in their shoes !! #maigheoabu

ponga (Mayo) - Posts: 532 - 09/04/2016 21:46:13    1843828