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well done mayo
you were a credit to youre county and Connacht
what a comeback great football n courage
it just shows the high standard of underage football in the west
hope you can win the all Ireland now

rhudson (Galway) - Posts: 1248 - 16/04/2016 16:07:36    1846172


Nearly 30 years watching Mayo this will go down as one best performances from a Mayo team. It had everything that makes you proud to be a Mayoman tonight. Whats courage, heart and a never say die attitude. Dairmuid O Connor there is no words. Solan played a blinder, he changes came at the right time Kelly was dominant and Carr looks like a machine at 18 years old. I have read there is no young talent coming up in Mayo but the future looks bright tonight. Fair play to Dublin in providing a magnificent opposition today as with any great battle needs a great opponent.

forever_69 (Mayo) - Posts: 16 - 16/04/2016 16:35:37    1846188


Congrats to this team and it's important to say, "TEAM". I was a very proud man coming away from the matches today, thought they had left it behind but kept the heads and saw it out. Well done also to the sideline, they made the right calls when needed and didn't panic. All the stuff coming from Roscommon after they were beaten in the Connacht final has been seen to be rubbish after this game. It was a big step up again today and as we all know Roscommon wouldn't have handled that. However, having watched Cork win this afternoon Mayo's game plan will need to be fine tuned , Cork are a strong team both physically and in fast direct football but first we can celebrate this one. 'Twas sweet as they say, especially so because of our good disallowed point which in the end we didn't need anyway.

davittsman (Mayo) - Posts: 328 - 16/04/2016 19:22:55    1846246


Well done to Mayo, massive win. However, I still think Mayo look very shaky at the back. I was at all 3 of their games and their defence has been their weakest link in all 3 of those games. The Cork forwards looked very good yesterday, especially Michael Hurley. Mayo need a gameplan at the back, maybe a but of a change? Coen would probably be better at number 6 to steady the ship. All the backs are fine footballers who can play ball, but defending is their downfall.
Looking forward to the final in 2 weeks time!

number_1 (Mayo) - Posts: 64 - 17/04/2016 11:48:23    1846352


Spot on No 1, that Cork forward line is deadly and as far as I recall their tally yesterday all came from play. Serious thinking and planning will be needed. We'll see.

davittsman (Mayo) - Posts: 328 - 17/04/2016 13:16:45    1846374


Congrats Mayo! Best of luck in the final!

DUBJOHN (Dublin) - Posts: 810 - 18/04/2016 14:28:36    1846841


Does anyone know what the situation is with tickets on Saturday.
Can you pay at the gate or do you need to get a ticket somewhere else. Also how much are the tickets.


Giveitago (Mayo) - Posts: 86 - 27/04/2016 08:06:49    1849931


Nothing has been said about tickets as far as I am aware. At all the previous games there was a ticket van outside the stadium.

number_1 (Mayo) - Posts: 64 - 27/04/2016 09:28:45    1849952


Announced on Monday tickets are on sale online and in Centra and Supervalu stores. There will also be a tickets on sale on the day at the ground. U-16's are free and OAP's and students get concessions on the gate.

MayoClub51 (Mayo) - Posts: 157 - 27/04/2016 13:07:35    1850081


Brilliant win for Mayo. If we hadn't kicked so many poor wides in the first half the game would have been won at 1/2 time. The thing with this team though is that they never give up or drop their heads. They had to dig deep several times at minor and again this season and they've always come back no matter how big the challenge. utter respect to all involved!!

ponga (Mayo) - Posts: 532 - 30/04/2016 19:52:45    1851002


Fantastic lads, they never buckle (though I suspect a few of them may get buckled this evening!) even after hitting a scatter of wides. There's a few of those guys I'll be happy to see graduate to the senior XV: Coen, O' Connor, Ruane, Loftus and Irwin were immense in the end.

Gleebo (Mayo) - Posts: 1838 - 30/04/2016 20:15:30    1851013


Big congratulations to ye, delighted for Mayo. Rode yer luck at certain times but I felt it was a deserved win in the end. If the rumors I'm hearing that a high profile player has walked from the senior panel then it looks like ye have more than enough still coming through. Well done.

tribescity (Galway) - Posts: 254 - 30/04/2016 20:19:16    1851014


Comhghairdeas do Mhuigheo. Good to see S. Akram a Pakistan born player win an All-Ireland medal.

fainleog (Limerick) - Posts: 557 - 30/04/2016 21:56:10    1851053


Congrats Mayo great win

wfkerry (USA) - Posts: 933 - 30/04/2016 21:58:29    1851055


Congrats to the Mayo u21 team and management on a terrific win last Saturday.Worthy Champions.

Barnowl94 (Galway) - Posts: 3150 - 02/05/2016 15:01:39    1851346


Great win for the county. Well done to all the players, the management team and the loyal supporters who travelled to all the games. Surely, Sam is going to be with us in the next 3 - 4 years. It may even arrive this year!

pdempsey (Mayo) - Posts: 1313 - 03/05/2016 13:01:30    1851584


Fantastic result from the Mayo U21 team on Saturday. They played with amazing heart and stamina and never gave up. I thought when Cork drew level that here we go again, but the lads dug in and for once, a mayo team when presented with goal chances took them. Yes, we were wide open in defence and we rode our luck, but we won and that is all that matters.
Hopefully, the mayo senior management can now bring six or seven of these lads into the senior setup and push on for SAM.

Well done again lads.

Giveitago (Mayo) - Posts: 86 - 03/05/2016 17:56:58    1851740


Great win for the u21s. Goals win games and our lads were goal-hungry throughout and made their chances count. The intelligence of guys like plunkett and Irwin in and around the goals should be a lesson to some of our senior lads who tend not to look for the man over but rather go themselves.

Id have one criticism though, but more of the sideline than anyone else. I thought that the cork full forward was causing problems from the first ball, right up until the last one. How the same man was still marking him at the final whistle I don't know.

TheMaster (Mayo) - Posts: 16187 - 04/05/2016 10:51:53    1851860


Congrats to our lads. They done the county proud. In the first half with all those wides some people around me had their heads down saying same old Mayo but I never got too worried....this team has a habit of getting vital scores at vital times...two quickfire goals before half time set the platform.

Cork draw level with time almost up and we get another two. Great stuff. A day I will never forget and a win like this gives a huge boost to the county after recent weeks with our club teams all failing and recent years with the senior team falling short.

Those saying Mayo football will go into decline may need to re-think.

When you see all the kids looking up in awe at our county senior men, our minor 2013 team and now our u-21 team. In a football mad county this is great for youngsters who can say to themselves..."that can be me one day"

yew_tree (Mayo) - Posts: 10417 - 04/05/2016 12:02:49    1851898