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Just read his interview after receiving his Player of the Month award. This man is so passionate about Limerick. Has to be captain in 2015. LUIMNEACH ABU!!

MARNELL (Westmeath) - Posts: 728 - 13/09/2014 11:06:44    1651544


ya and really giving the young players time to develop by naming 5 that can go on to play senior for limerick.Every interview contains the word I a lot too.give these young lads a chance and keep them out of the spotlight some haven't there leaving done yet!a bit of cop on is needed

tonybrowne (Limerick) - Posts: 294 - 13/09/2014 12:16:47    1651562


Seamus is a decent guy and is very dedicated and honest. He has a mental strength that a lot of Limerick does not have. The manner he plays the game after such a serious injury is incredible.

freetaker1 (Limerick) - Posts: 744 - 13/09/2014 15:22:38    1651603


Where is his interview published.? please.

Slade (Limerick) - Posts: 355 - 13/09/2014 20:29:37    1651716