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What next for Leitrim football?

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The year looked so good at the start - FBD league winners, best squad assembled in some years , real ambitions of promotion to div. 3. and easiest passage to a Connacht final perhaps ever lay before us. Fast forward to now and we still in div. 4, beaten by London in a Connacht semi final and a squad decimated by suspension and injury, fans upset by management handling of the suspensions and decision making in the London games. Add to that the fact that we have no wins in the Connacht minor championship sine 2002 and the U21 championship since 1998 and we are at a low ebb, perhaps at this present moment lower than ever before, the future is bleak but we need to look forward.

So I ask you: what changes need to be made to Leitrim football? Be it next year or long term?

leitrim4sam (Leitrim) - Posts: 460 - 30/06/2013 21:20:16    1419672


A total clean out is what's needed

From top To bottom in club And county

The last 7 weeks in leitrim gaa reminds Me so Much of The banking collapse

94allstar (Leitrim) - Posts: 1737 - 01/07/2013 14:54:52    1420565


Few changes to club structure. Eg- play league games on consecutive weekends in feb and march. Then get championship up and running earlier in the year. If players are given a 5/6 month timeframe where league and championship will be played then the interest will be there, not if it's a feb to November job. That could lead to better quality of games and players improving. Plus shield comp is as useful as that lad selling strawberries at the roundabout in Longford. Has to be scrapped.

coppers.abu (Leitrim) - Posts: 89 - 01/07/2013 15:03:59    1420586


That's all Well And Good And I agree with Your idea but The major problem is The people who Are running The clubs And The county

Its easy To draw a plan And a Good plan And put it in place

But when The wrong people Are doing The job and doing it badly then players And paying members need To step in call an egm And vote out The current gravy train And vote in fresh young blood

People in their 30s 40s or even 20s that Are playing The game every weekend And training a few times a week

My tuppence worth!

94allstar (Leitrim) - Posts: 1737 - 01/07/2013 15:43:54    1420655


who should or would step in and be totally neutral 94?

i cant comment on the board as i live abroad and it would be unfair to do so, but in my experience the volunteer numbers are dropping everywhere, I would love to get out of my current role but we have no one to take it on, so the same old or status quo remains

who would want it? is there an appetite for some people to step up ?

UniGaa (National) - Posts: 694 - 01/07/2013 16:02:29    1420692


Agreed a change of management is needed. I think we can make some simple changes to structure of leagues etc that would help as well. Who comes in??? Someone who has a progressive attitude, who will be respected by players and supporters, and who has an overall plan to further football at all levels. Possibly Mickey Quinn.

coppers.abu (Leitrim) - Posts: 89 - 01/07/2013 16:25:42    1420732


Firstly a manager that Will manage The team

Take The bull by The horns And watch his team training

Hire a team of expert coaches And introduce a new defensive game plan

Cost Will be dragged Up as usual but if The squandered money from The politicians expences was knocked on The head We could afford this

A manager that Will attend senior inter And junior games And pull players into The county training 5 nights a week ,but not appoint them To The panel. A back Up team And a trial over a period To see if they Can hack The pressure And grow into The jersey

A manager that wil stay neutral picking a team

A manager that Will avoid The press And not be out every half hour with press releases about a lower end division 4 amd hopefully next year division 3 side

A new county board with new secratery And chair each year along with new reps on The connacht council And other boards every year all voted in by members not nominated And seconded by family And friends

The shield I would leave be simply because non county players need The games between The league And championship there Can be breaks of 5 or 6 weeks between some games in some cases I would also be on for playing league games during The week along with tournaments as this isnorma practise in every other county in The gaa so Why not us

I know counties that play div1 Monday night div 2 Tuesday night And so on To div 5

The championship should be played out in may june And july not running out into october And november for junior players, I train hard every year looking forward To My chance at winning a championship medal of a warm summers evening in pairc sean or pairc soh not a drizzle choked freezing Your parts off october And I'm sure everybody else is The same championship is Summer let it be junior inter minor or senior

The counties refereeing needs To be badly updated its stuck on The midfield line back in 1968

And instead on building annaduff I would have pumped The money into local pitches that needed it Like kinlough osnatts glenfarne manor annaduff drumrielly gortletteragh cornacoola kiltubrid And what ever other pitches need new surfaces or facilities updated it would have made more sense

Another investment would have been To build a proper gaa players gym fit To facilitate atleast 100 players ,meaning that clubs could book it as Well as county players plenty of cheap fields for sale next door To pairc sean for it

But not getting away from The current problem I feel The need for change in managment And county board And The minor league final set The ball rolling

No need as another poster said for personal digs or jumping on bamdwagons just simply make The changes call The meeting And get it over And done with if it doesn't work out next year We appoint new faces

94allstar (Leitrim) - Posts: 1737 - 01/07/2013 17:23:02    1420826


Eddie 1 here
See observer page 75- IN 2009 strategic plan for under age football in the county - turned down by coiste na nog .

Clubs are the key - we do the same things year in year out and are amazed when we don't get a different result

Up LEitrim

Eddie 1

Eddie1 (Leitrim) - Posts: 217 - 01/07/2013 18:03:55    1420895


Massive amount of shield games cancelled this year. Clubs with small panels tend to concede in case of injuries etc. Play league and championship early doors. Building gyms and pitches ?????? Why not avoid dropping our best players before championship . A more fundamental approach might work wonders.

coppers.abu (Leitrim) - Posts: 89 - 01/07/2013 18:10:34    1420903


Bring in micko

johnbombkelly (Mayo) - Posts: 117 - 01/07/2013 18:41:08    1420932


I think that the time has come to forget about trying to make our senior team competitive, its far far too late when they get to senior, we need to have a look at out underage teams, we are strong at U16, use that team as a base, work far more than we have been with U14s U12 and even help clubs help U10 and U8 teams, encourage a love of the game in the kids, start teaching them the basic skills early and get tehm into good habits, there is a losing mentality in Leitrim at the minute. I take Dublin hurling as an example, i know they have a huge pick, but they have really come on strong in the last couple of years, just look at last saturday night for them. they invested in youth, they nurtured the young talent and now they are reaping the benefits, its hard to see Leitrim competing for All Irelands, we have such a small pick, but with the right people in charge, and the right systems in place

20pointhero (Leitrim) - Posts: 85 - 02/07/2013 13:25:20    1421513


1. Overhaul of Underage structures with the immediate reappointment of the present u-16 management team. All the rest in my mind are not doing a good job. Ensure lots of game time for every single kid who togs out, the blitzes at u-12 down are a great idea regardless what the ego driven parents who talk about winning all the time. The kids want to win because the parents enforce this on them. Encourage skills, freedom of expression on the field and stop driving negative tactics into children as a rule.
2. Employ a county board person with foresight, experience of running coaching at a successful level who will devise a plan that is innovative. Clubpersons elect good ambitious and open minded people to represent your clubs at co board level and give the whole thing an impetus and some sort of fresh feel. in othe rwords stop off loading unwanted members on to these meetings.
3. Elect a manager who is open to having club games during the league on weeks off, this will mean there will be a feeling by club players that they are wanted and cared for. Why everything is put on hold for the county team is a joke and club players are giving back the same respect as they feel they are given. If a there was a good club league and championship running throughout the year, the injuries that they try to avoid by stalling competitions could see replacements come in that would have a decent level of fitness and standard of football. Otherwise we will always be stuck with this tight group of players.
4. Adequate penalties must be set out by management at start of the year for breaches of discipline by county managers at all levels. Make it transparent and don't force team mates to vote on emotive decisions. Managers are so called as they are meant to manage.
5. I know none of the above will happen and all the present problems will recur consistently over the next few years.
6. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail- Roy Keane.

bananapublican (Leitrim) - Posts: 868 - 02/07/2013 14:01:15    1421600