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Replying To hopballref:  "Mayo were definitely good enough to win one.
Changing goalkeepers, missed COC free, Lee Keegan kicking into goalie hands, Vaughan sending off, own goal …. the list goes on.
Yes, we were disappointed not to win 00 but two out of three ain't bad."
I think the Vaughan one, well, let's just say history won't be kind to him. Tight game, free in, about to have a man extra...all of a sudden, free is gone, no extra man, game and all ireland gone in reality

johnterry (Galway) - Posts: 381 - 22/10/2020 16:19:29    2300273


If they were good enough to win it, they would have. Time to get over it now.

fryingpan (Galway) - Posts: 28 - 22/10/2020 16:26:10    2300277