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Connacht Minor Championship.

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Replying To Rossieforever:  "Heartiest congratulations to all involved. Great gutsy performance from both teams in terrible conditions. Some great talent coming through if it can be nurtured properly we have a bright future in Roscommon.
One criticism on of Connacht Council, having made correct decision to move game forward to 26th they should have fixed it for early afternoon. I kept expecting a move as they had a weather warning for at least 2 days before. It was very unfair on you lads to have to play in those conditions."
Fair point.The weather forecast for Stephen's day indicated the stormy weather rolling in mid afternoon.The start of the match could have been brought forward to 12.30 and the worst of the weather would have been avoided.The change in date was of course due to Covid restrictions.The gaa never seems to factor weather conditions into match times unless a pitch is unplayable.

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