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Newry 4-10 WPoint 0-12.. Even enough match only for Newry scoring some soft goals in both halves. Newry were missing a few starters, so will be a good bet for the championship if they have a full team out.

dingle82 (Down) - Posts: 183 - 22/07/2014 10:58:25    1623729


Following Kilclief's win against Bredagh and Portaferry's loss to Ballycran, Kilclief are the ACHL 2014 champions...well done to them! Hopefully next year ALL Down teams can participate in a stronger Down league!!

Gaelforce1 (Down) - Posts: 36 - 30/07/2014 13:10:29    1628434


Well done Kilclief. It must be many years since a team outside the Ards won the league!

Frank Mitchell (Down) - Posts: 1075 - 31/07/2014 08:41:27    1628766


How did the 'also rans' get on in Ballygalget yesterday, I know Ballygalget won by three or four points, but what were the teams, who played where as I hear Ports had some big guns back??

bricktop (Down) - Posts: 2458 - 04/08/2014 09:42:47    1631031


I see the hurling league kicked off last night. Ballycran had a big win over Carryduff in Div 2.

Why was there only one match?

Frank Mitchell (Down) - Posts: 1075 - 24/04/2015 08:29:26    1716935


Only one match because this one was brought forward apparently. The other fixtures are on Monday week.

Carryduff will be disappointed with that result. They wanted into Div 1 this year but they were told they had to win Div 2 first.Looks like the might struggle to do that.

Seannie Og (Down) - Posts: 947 - 24/04/2015 09:36:45    1716961


That's certainly a game Carryduff would have expected to win if they are serious about getting promoted to Div 1.

Was anybody at the game? It was a good night for hurling.

Frank Mitchell (Down) - Posts: 1075 - 24/04/2015 12:02:50    1717074


If the top non ards club want's to push onto a higher level, why would you stop them? Silly by the CCC in my opinion.

bricktop (Down) - Posts: 2458 - 24/04/2015 16:09:03    1717187


Carryduff have been the top non Ards team for a few years now but they still can't win Div 2.

Frank Mitchell (Down) - Posts: 1075 - 26/04/2015 08:57:04    1717477


On what evidence do your base your opinion that Carryduff are the best non ards team? They play in the lowest division in down!! Newry Ballela Clonduff Kilclief all play in the division above!!! And as for Bredagh they played in division 2 in Antrim last year so surely based on league standings they are the best non ards followed by Kilclief and maybe Laitroim!!

Red Head (Down) - Posts: 144 - 26/04/2015 10:28:27    1717488


Great second half comeback playin agin the wind by Ports to beat Crans in the park today. Young (and not so young) Ports just wanted it more. Crans had no idea how to use the strong wind. Final score Ports 1-18 3-9 Ballycran. Crans were 4 up at half time playing agin the wind.

Seannie Og (Down) - Posts: 947 - 10/05/2015 15:28:30    1722053


Tonights fixtures:

ACHL Div 1

Liatroim V St.Patrick's GAC, Portaferry

Time: 7 30 PM , Venue: Liatroim

Referee: Terence Masterson

Cumann Pheadair Naofa V Ballela

Time: 7 30 PM , Venue: Páirc Liam Uí Ír

Referee: David Carr

Newry Shamrocks V Kilclief Ben Dearg GAC

Time: 7 30 PM , Venue: Shamrocks

Referee: Paddy Branagan

Ballycran V Ballygalget

Time: 7 30 PM , Venue: Ballycran

Referee: Paul Braniff

ACHL Div 2

Bredagh V Carryduff

Time: 7 30 PM , Venue: Cherryvale

Referee: TBC

Castlewellan V Clonduff

Time: 7 30 PM , Venue: Castlewellan

Referee: Hugh Pat Mc Cusker

We are really struggling for numbers at the minute. I can't see us beating Clonduff, if we field. It's that bad. Ballela struggling to get 15 to go to NCP (the club formerly known as The Point)and Kilclief in the same boat. Bredagh v Carryduff game in doubt as well. That's why no ref is appointed.

I'll be surprised if all these games go ahead.

Things aren't going well right across the county.

Frank Mitchell (Down) - Posts: 1075 - 11/05/2015 13:49:06    1722440