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Well done Derry.

How many games have we ever won in Kerry?

Division 1 looking good so far!

hermann (Derry) - Posts: 170 - 09/02/2014 15:42:27    1543487


Why the headline 'Derry shock Kerry'.

I am back at my hotel after the game and reading the match report from various commentators. Find it hard to believe that so many commentators were surprised by Derry's performance and the result. Looking back on last year we could see the potential in the team and the system of play Brian was trying to implement. It was a good game today but a classic it wasn't. There was 3 standout players for Derry today, Mark Lynch, Sean Leo McGoldrick and in my opinion the best player on the pitch and probably his best game to date in a Derry Jersey was Emmett McGuckian.

To be fair though, this is no vintage Kerry team, they are a pale shade of the Kerry teams of the past, our overall fitness and physical strenght was a key factor in today's game. Going into the final 20 minutes our fitness and physical strenght started to wear Kerry down, i would compare it too the last 20 of the Tyrone game.

One negative from today is the ease at which Kerry was able to carve open the centre of our defence, against a more clinical forward line we would have shipped a few goals.

On the whole I would lower the expectations this result will raise and just take one game at a time and see where it takes us.

To Finnish, ver proud and happy Derryman heading up the road with 2 points in the bag.

Hope to see a big Derry support at Owenbeg next week for the Westmeath game.

Doire Abu

OakGael (Derry) - Posts: 293 - 09/02/2014 17:09:35    1543603


well done lads, fair result in all fairness to ye Derry forwards kicked some serious long range scores today, physically out muscled us in key areas. I'd say ye won the midfield breaks 60/40 our half back and half forward lines were not at the races as we not allowed to..

Horsebox77 (Kerry) - Posts: 4878 - 09/02/2014 18:08:51    1543661


i listened to it on radiokerry sounded like we deserved to win alright

doirebhoy (Derry) - Posts: 344 - 09/02/2014 20:30:03    1543823


Very good win for ye lads and much deserved. Ye have big lads at 6, 11 and 14. Kielt is a superb player and ye kicked lovely points in second half with aid of the wind. Derry are looking very good at the moment. In saying that it might have been a different story if we took our chances in first half and even the 2 late wides in the game. We're finding out that the lads available right now are not up to standard except for one or two.

Good luck for the rest of the year.

Cute_Kerry_Hoor (Kerry) - Posts: 2518 - 10/02/2014 10:40:50    1544024


Great result down in the kingdom another big game v westmeath at home,work still to be done to stay up things are positive at the minute.

93vintageyear (Derry) - Posts: 301 - 11/02/2014 16:52:43    1544815


Great result to win down in Killarney.

3 points in the bag from first two games. Hopefully make it 5 points against Westmeath now.

6 points should be enough to guarantee top flight football, and hopefully the team might even push for a League Semi final.

GaryMc82 (Derry) - Posts: 3005 - 11/02/2014 17:55:18    1544846


Slightly off-topic, but all the best to Gooch on his long road back from his cruciate injury. We are all too aware in these parts of outstanding talents getting laid low by similar injuries. His low bulk will be an advantage to him and hopefully he will be seen out at HQ sometime in the not too distant future.

hermann (Derry) - Posts: 170 - 19/02/2014 15:36:47    1548629